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Susanne Bier’s “In a Better World” calls attention to international violence

On Monday, October 23, the Department of Theater and Film Studies kicked off their annual event: the International Film Series. It is an event that showcases internationally recognized films that have otherwise made their mark in the film industry. The starter of the series this year was the truth telling movie named In a Better World directed by Susanne Bier. Susanne Bier is a Danish director who is changing the way the world looks at movies. Her main focus in all of her movies, no matter what the theme, is to demonstrate using family structures that are endangered by outside forces. The first of her films that were recognized by critics and made its way to America, was Broken Hearts (2002). Soon after that, another film of hers that made its way to America and then to the New York Film Festival was Brothers (2004), which was then remade by… Keep Reading


The Foreigner: Action packed chaos

Jackie Chan and Pierce Brosnan go head to head in the action-packed, twisted movie, The Foreigner. Jackie Chan plays Ngoc Quan, an immigrant and British citizen from China who seeks out revenge after his teenage daughter is killed in an explosion. The movie begins with Quan picking up his daughter (played by Katie Leung) from school. Their lives seem normal and her biggest problem is getting the perfect dress for the school dance. Quan drops her off and watches her walk into the store. A couple of seconds later someone blows up the shop, injuring and killing dozens of people. Amongst the deceased is his daughter. Before moving to England, Quan’s wife and other two daughters were kidnapped and murdered by Thai pirates. She was the only family member he had left. The story comes off as a little cliché, but it takes a slightly different direction than expected. Quan… Keep Reading

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KVSC and GREAT Theatre recreate War of the Worlds broadcast

Only 79 years ago, the radio show War of the Worlds, by Orson Wells, took the nation by storm. The GREAT Theatre paired up with St. Cloud State University’s radio station KVSC on October 28, to recreate such a legendary broadcast. The broadcast that created terror in America in 1938 has become a staple in American history. Orson Wells, renowned director, and writer was famous for his realistic writing skills. At the time, Wells wanted to write and put something on-air that was terrifying for Halloween night. He had produced a story about aliens invading New York City, then quickly spreading to other parts of the nation. Because it was only showcased on the radio at the time, the audience could only listen to the story as it unfolded, using life-like sound effects and voices making it all more realistic. So, for those who had decided to tune in later… Keep Reading

Satan’s Little Helper: The method actor of madness

I find it a relieving feeling that I can continue to be surprised by my movie stack. I often buy by the title or covers alone, but I don’t remember where I managed to find this movie. Whether you believe me in saying that or not – and considering the season, I understand why – this film blindsided me with how much I enjoyed it in actuality and not in mockery or at its expense. Satan’s Little Helper is a genuinely enjoyable film and one I find hard discussing in detail like I normally do. The reason I find it hard to discuss this movie, other than it’s religiously polarizing title, is my usual style involves dissecting a movie down to core elements and going into detail why they work and don’t work. A boon for when the subject of discussion is a horrible film that has more cracks in… Keep Reading

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Big Mouth is a big yes from me

There is a new gut-busting adult cartoon series that has just joined the rest, and it is the Netflix original Big Mouth, directed by Jennifer Flackett, Andrew Goldberg,  and Nick Kroll. This show about the beauty an,d awkwardness of growing up, is nothing short of hilarious, engaging, and yet shocking all at the same time. Big Mouth is about pre-teen boys Andrew Glouberman (voiced by John Mulaney) and Nick Birch (voiced by Nick Kroll) living their normal middle school lives as the big, disgusting, and crude Hormone Monster (also voiced by Nick Kroll) comes to help transition them from being boys, into being men. They are also accompanied by a female character named Jessi Glaser (voiced by Jessi Klein), who also has a Hormone Monster appear as well, to get the female perspective of the transition into womanhood. This show is definitely not one to show to your 7th-grade class… Keep Reading

Half Past Dead: Rocking out at The Rock

Watching bad movies is a fun hobby but difficult to describe to others outright. I’ve never had success with mentioning that I liked bad movies in conversation unless whoever I was speaking to knew about MST3K; usually getting a curious look or an eye roll as a response. Thankfully, after graduating high school and learning that not everyone had the personality of a self-obsessed brick wall, I started to learn how to properly discuss my odd hobby. Nuance was the key, and coincidentally is something Half Past Dead doesn’t understand. Half Past Dead stars Steven Seagal in the role of a reputable car booster who gets caught up in a bad bust with his friend and is sent to Alcatraz 2.0. That’s right, The Rock has opened its doors again and is offering many means for incarceration, and for finality. Alcatraz houses some of the most dangerous criminals in this… Keep Reading


The Lego Ninjago movie: mindless entertainment for an hour and forty minutes

Late last month Warner Bros. Studios released the Lego Ninjago movie to theaters nationwide. It is the third installment in the Warner Bros. Lego movie franchise that started with the Lego Batman movies. It features many characters from the beloved Cartoon Network show, along with a few new characters as well. Dave Franco stars as the main protagonist, Lloyd Garmadon, son of the film’s primary antagonist the evil Lord Garmadon.  Jackie Chan also stars as Master Wu, the elder brother of Lord Garmadon and the ninja’s leader. Garmadon in this movie is a lot different from his TV show counterpart, as he’s a lot more comical and quirky. His ego and power hungry nature still linger, albeit on a more lighthearted scale. He enjoys blasting his subordinates out of the top of his evil lair nestled in a volcano conveniently located across the bay from Ninjago city. The film centers… Keep Reading

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MAZE: Not your ordinary magic show

This last Wednesday at Richie Auditorium, St. Cloud State University’s Cru, the Christian fellowship organization, had brought to campus the mind-boggling illusion show, MAZE. For anyone who did not get the chance to see it, truly you missed out, for it was one of the most amusing, confusing, and inspiring shows that I have seen in a while. Not only does the founder and illusionist himself, Jim Monroe, never fail to surprise the audience with his tricks, but he also reveals an underlying lesson of life and its purpose. For those who still wish to see the show in the future, I will refrain from any spoilers of the performance so you can see it for yourself. I will say that Monroe has a never-ending set of tricks up his sleeve, and doesn’t fail to surprise the audience with something new and creative during his entire production. His humor and captivating personality kept the audience’s eyes glued to the stage, anticipating what he was going to do next. However,… Keep Reading

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