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Perfume River Nights: A book to save the guys

“For the guys who died beside me, for the 300 million men and women who served, for the families, the 60,000 victims, and for the young people out there to know about war and combat without experiencing it.” –M.P. Maurer At the age of seventeen, Michael P. Maurer had to decide if he should shoot or not; if he should kill or not. Some of today’s teenagers are struggling with deciding which mobile phone they want to buy next. Time has changed, but we should never forget about what happened overseas in 1955-1975. Three million Americans were sent to Vietnam—60,000 didn’t return, 300,000 were wounded. And in Maurer’s words, no veteran has completely survived. A part of himself died on the Asian continent. This is just an illusion, a facade he creates. After he returned home, he couldn’t talk about his experiences for decades. He then decided to make a… Keep Reading


Planetarium laser show lights up the night

The St. Cloud State University planetarium is not unfamiliar to hosting fun, interesting, and family-friendly events. For example, the University planetarium has been known to welcome younger students on field trips or even families looking for an educational night out. More recently, though, the planetarium has opened its doors to the public for laser light shows. These shows started on Friday, Oct. 21, and will continue to be held every Friday and Saturday until Nov. 19. Each laser show has a different musical theme, and these themes range from Metallica, U2, ElectroPop, Zeppelin, and even a spooky-themed laser show in the spirit of Halloween. For anyone looking to enjoy a fun night out with their friends or families, the planetarium may have just the thing for you. This event is especially fun if you are wanting something a little more exciting than the usual of seeing a movie at the… Keep Reading


Fright-K combines distance endurance with Halloween costumes

A concept born out of a professor’s love for marathons and the spirits of the season; St. Cloud State University’s first Fright-K 5K race was held on Friday. People from cities all over the tri-county area and more came to compete outside the Herb Brooks National Hockey Center for the gold. What separates this 5K from similar events was the encouragement of participants to make the distance in any costume they feel comfortable in, with it being near Halloween, and plenty of them did. From the sidelines, I saw a banana outrunning a gorilla, Waldo, the superhero ‘Milk Man,’ a psycho inmate, and plenty of animated and bloody corpses running down the course. It was hard to keep yourself from laughing at the slight absurdity of the event. The first place spot in overall finish time belongs to St. Cloud resident Morcelli Kombo, having completed the 5K run with a… Keep Reading


Kanye shuts down Xcel Energy Center with Saint Pablo Tour performance

Kanye West delivered an absolutely stunning performance during his Saint Pablo Tour Monday night at the Xcel Energy Center in downtown St. Paul. Whether you love him or hate him, you know who he is. Throughout his career, Kanye West has pushed the boundaries and used his creativity to revolutionize the music industry. For West, it’s his way or the highway, and we will not settle for anything less than perfection. He’s one of the only artists who doesn’t include an opening act before his shows, something which is unheard of at music venues. It’s 6:00 p.m. on Monday night in downtown St. Paul. Hundreds of people are waiting outside the Xcel Energy Center in preparation of Kanye West’s Saint Pablo Tour performance. It has been 8 years since the last time West performed in Minnesota and those in attendance ranged from young teenagers to full-grown adults. Just looking around,… Keep Reading


Pianist Aleck Karis: Skillful with the keys and more

The night was fairly cold at the start of fall break. It was a calm night, fair weather and an open sky. It felt wrong to do something exciting and ruin the atmosphere the night had set for me. To aid the atmosphere I was taking in, I went to a piano recital at the Performing Arts Center’s Recital Hall, the performer being Aleck Karis. Before the show started, I arrived only to be one of two people in the hall. I felt bad for the performer, thinking that this was what the entire audience was going to consist of. In reality, I was unknowingly a half-hour early, with crowds of both old and young coming into the hall. Plenty of students were in attendance, ready to take notes on this rare opportunity. Aleck Karis is a world travelled pianist and tonight he was scheduled to perform a piece that… Keep Reading


nothing: Sound and body bending

When I discovered this event online, I thought at first that this name was default filler for when there was no event name entered. Instead, it turned out to be intentional. A two-man act, comprising of sound designer Michael Flora and Butoh practitioner Gadu, “nothing” was both an entry point and love letter to surrealism. The concept for this performance was born from Michael’s desire to add a visual element to the sounds and music he was working on. After seeing Gadu perform in the Twin Cities, Michael found his visual element and contacted him this past winter. They began collaborating back and forth; Michael submitting music and sounds, and Gadu sending back video of him dancing to the music. Their final product premiered for one night at St. Cloud State University’s own Performing Arts Center on Friday. The show was touted as an exploration of soundscapes and movement. Lending… Keep Reading


Dave Baker brings tourism and hospitality to St. Cloud

Dave Baker, who is a Republican Representative of the 17B District, came to St. Cloud State to discuss the MN tourism and hospitality industry. The event took place in the Alumni Room in the Atwood Memorial Center and was sponsored by the Geography and planning, Public Affairs and School of Travel and Tourism Club. Before Mr. Baker ran for office he was running different businesses in the Willmar and Spicer area of Minnesota. For 15 years he has been owner and operator for four different business. His first business began in 1999. “In 1999, I started my first business at Northern Inn hotel in Spicer.” Baker said. “A small hotel that started with 35 rooms” Baker said. The hard work by Baker helped him continue to grow in the hospitality business where he has able to start three other businesses in the Willmar and Spicer. He has Melvin’s and the… Keep Reading


Women on Wednesday kicks off with a speaker on poverty

Sponsored by the St. Cloud State University Women’s Center, this year’s first session of Women on Wednesday’s speaker was Debra Fitzpatrick, the director for the Center on Women and Public Policy at the University of Minnesota. Fitzpatrick was welcomed by a crowd of nearly 100 students and faculty in the Atwood Theatre Wednesday afternoon. Fitzpatrick is also an adjunct professor for the Humphrey School of Public Affairs on the University of Minnesota campus. She has an extensive background in community leadership, advocacy for change, and a working knowledge of women’s issues. With this background, Fitzpatrick was able to offer insight on the extent and circumstances in which poverty has culminated today. Partnering with the Women’s Foundation of Minnesota, she has put together a presentation to educate and bring awareness to the growing issue of people in poverty as a whole.  Although poverty is not an issue that only affects one… Keep Reading


The Revolution and First Avenue: A reunion 30 years later to honor a friend

This year hasn’t been a pleasant one for plenty of people who look up to icons of humanity, especially in the realm of music. January hit hard with the passing of David Bowie, and April sucker punched with the death of Minnesota’s own Prince. For the first real time in my life, I have seen my entire home state in mourning. A man with a savant like gift for music – using it to give everyone music to love and to give one of the Twin Cities its own titular music genre, was suddenly gone. Younger fans felt saddened, while older fans sobbed outright. This year has been nothing, if not brutal. If you happen to subscribe to the five stages of grief, it’s very well-known that the 5th stage is the most difficult to achieve: Acceptance. Perhaps it may be too soon for Minnesota to fully accept his passing,… Keep Reading

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