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The Red Carpet rolls out for Psychostick

St. Patrick’s Day was quite a busy time for the nightlife of downtown St Cloud. It was my first real experience with the day’s celebrations in full swing, and I’ll tell you that it was interesting, to say the least. Never have I been asked so many random questions in a single night by people who collectively drank enough alcohol to take down an elephant herd. I can only imagine what the staff of the local bars had to deal with. It was admittedly difficult to stay relatively sober during the night’s events, but I had a mission. Psychostick, a band I’ve listened to since I was in middle school, was going to perform at the Red Carpet, and I was pretty excited. For the unaware, Psychostick is a comedy metal band who released their debut album in 2003 and have been playing silly metal ever since. One characteristic that… Keep Reading


Nintendo Switch brings new era of gaming

Earlier this month Nintendo released the latest in gaming technology, their Nintendo Switch. The Switch is among the first of its kind, a console for your TV that can also function on the go as a portable handheld. The interesting new concept brings a fresh experience to the gaming market, but if Nintendo’s recent struggles with home consoles are anything of a concern, their experiments could prove to be troublesome. The Switch’s predecessor, the Wii U, was released just over four years ago in November 2012. Since then, Nintendo has been falling behind Microsoft and Sony in the console wars. The Playstation 4 and Xbox One have come to dominate the home console market with 50 million and 24 million units sold respectively according to TechRadar. Meanwhile, the Wii U sold just 13.56 million units according to the Nintendo website, despite releasing a year before the Xbox One and PS4.… Keep Reading


New Pokemon Go update brings back old players

For some, the summer of 2016 will always be remembered for the release of Pokemon Go in the same way the “Summer of ‘69” was memorable for its girls and guitars. To those who played it the most, Pokemon Go was so much more than a game for your smartphone. It’s something which pairs childhood nostalgia with friends, and lets you embark on a digital adventure anywhere in the real world. The game’s popularity was unmatched when it released in July, with its peak coming at 45 million daily active users according to Apptopia. By August however, Axiom Capital Management had discovered the game had lost 15 million, or one third, of its daily active users. While the most dedicated of players would continue playing well into the fall, some opened the game very few times, if not uninstalled the application all together. Developer Niantic tried to lure players back… Keep Reading


New Gallery Concert Series visits SCSU

I was mildly curious about the concept for this New Gallery Concert Series. From what I read originally, this performance was going to be a mix of visual and musical artists. In my free time I have a hobby of making playlists that coincide with visualizers for the purpose of making a guided means of day dreaming; so a performance with this description piqued my curiosity. Having seen the show, I feel that I can say with absolute certainty that the performance was good, but felt like mishmash more often than I would have liked. Founded after the turn of the new millennium, the New Gallery Concert Series is a musical outfit dedicated to the purpose of performing compositions and featuring visual artists that are among the living. An interesting purpose, especially in the realms of musical and visual art; where the greats are still lauded many centuries after they… Keep Reading


Dr. Mehnaz Afridi: International Holocaust Remembrance Day

In a world that is at a height of conflict in multiple ways, many are trying to educate on the topics that are dividing our nation. On February 1, 2017, known as International Holocaust Remembrance Day, professor Mehnaz Afridi spoke to a crowd at Ritsche Auditorium, educating the crowd on many different topics involving the Holocaust as well as the Islam religion. Dr. Afridi is a professor of religion at Manhattan College in New York, and very uniquely, she teaches about both the Holocaust as well as Islam. “Only in the U.S. can you have a Muslim woman speak on the remembrance of the Holocaust,” she said as an opening remark. Dr. Afridi receives lots of disdain in her community for touching on both focuses. However, she sees the Holocaust and Islam as things that are more similar than people think. President Vaidya opened the event. The President thanked everyone… Keep Reading


Jazzy sports band meets for ‘Sounds of the Stadium’

The St.Cloud State Jazz Ensemble, consisting of thirteen musicians that night, inaugurated the event with a sophisticated version of Minor Chant by Stanley Turrentine arr. Terry White. The sounds of the instruments filled the whole room and made their way through our ears to our soul. I laid back in my seat and I felt how my body started to relax and I was enjoying the moment of music and nothing else. The Ensemble created a lounge atmosphere right away, and I would have loved to order a drink at a bar. Reality off, music dream world on. Despite having some musicians missing the night because of having been intervened by last minute issues, the remaining and new students had made a quick adjustment and you couldn’t tell any lack of synchronization. Some of the students even played several different instruments which made them move after each song. The director… Keep Reading


Chicago Boyz visit SCSU

I was very excited to see the Chicago Boyz since I watched them on America’s Got Talent Season 8. We had something in common and I think that is why I really enjoyed the performance. It was really neat to see the transformation from when they were on America’s Got Talent until now. You can tell that they work hard each and every day training to become better performers. The person who was announcing everything was amazing. He was very interactive and kept the audience engaged. He also had a sense of humor which is key to keeping an audience listening. Before the show started, he made a few announcements about safety and got the whole auditorium to laugh by stating “don’t try this at home or in your dorm.” I knew when he said that, it would be a great show. I just really enjoyed that after every act… Keep Reading


Kat Perkins, semi-finalist of ‘The Voice’, visits SCSU

It was just her and her guitarist, but her distinctive and rocking voice filled the entire Ritsche Auditorium on Thursday night on the campus of St. Cloud State University. Kat Perkins joined us on campus with her tattoos, long black hair, and a completely black outfit, which reminded me of Johnny Cash, also known as the “Man in Black.” The simplicity of just her beautiful voice and the sound of the guitar was an incredible experience. The Scranton, N.D. native is a singer-songwriter with a love for many genres, specifically rock, pop, blues, and country. She is the daughter of two music teachers, with her dad teaching her a lot about the musical craft. Perkins was a semifinalist in season 6 of “The Voice” and was coached by Adam Levine of Maroon 5. “He was the best coach I could wish for. He taught me so much and he was… Keep Reading


Korea Night and “Reply 1990”

“Reply 1990” was the theme for Korean Night 2016 at St. Cloud State University. The title comes from a Korean drama series that aired in the 1990s. Students from the Korean Student Association worked all summer to put on a show that included great food, Taekwondo, dance performances, and impressively fast costume changes. The show began at 5:30 p.m. on Oct. 22 in the Ballroom at Atwood Memorial Center. Over fifty people anxiously waited outside of the ballroom doors. The doors opened and guests were greeted with a stage covered in lights spelling out “Korean Night.” To the left, there were head-in-hole photo booth options; on the right, three enthusiastic KSA members wrote guests’ names in Korean on their tickets. Before the show began, everyone stood up to say the Korean national anthem and honor the South Korean national flag – the Taegukgi. Matt Andrew, Vice President of University Advancement,… Keep Reading

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