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Students De-Stress With Pets

St. Cloud State University students gathered in the Atwood Memorial Center on Feb. 8 to de-stress with pets. The Tri-County-Humane Society brought in three dogs for students to pet and spend time with. “It is so comforting to see the pets. I was so happy to see dogs, but it makes me miss my pets back home,” freshman Paige Jaeger said. After two hours of de-stress time, the dogs returned to their home and the students returned to class. De-stress with pets will be available to students again closer to finals week. All photos by Chelsea Bauman. Chelsea BaumanTravel the world is the goal. Take pictures for a living is the job. Film memories and moments that will last a lifetime. Keep Reading


Malaysian Night Gallery

Students, staff, alumni, faculty and community members gathered to celebrate Malaysian Night held on Feb. 3, 2018. Throughout the night, songs, poems, dances and speeches were performed. After the entertainment came to an end, a meal was served buffet style to all those in attendance. Malaysian styled food was on the menu, some of which was given a heads-up about the level of spiciness. The event took place in the Atwood Ballroom at St. Cloud State University. All images by Chelsea Bauman. Chelsea BaumanTravel the world is the goal. Take pictures for a living is the job. Film memories and moments that will last a lifetime. Keep Reading

Saudi Night 2018 demonstrates power in convergence

Starting off a new Sunday on a gorgeous day in January, many students, faculty and those of the St. Cloud community gather to celebrate the Saudi Student Club’s very first cultural night in the last five years. While the room was filled with excitement, history, and enthusiasm, the theme of the event, “Alsallamo Alaiko” or “peace be with you” really stood out on that wonderful night of cultural education and appreciation. The occasion was composed of many different skits, all of which were entertaining, to demonstrate what life is like in Saudi Arabia. They ranged all the way from simply eating breakfast with your family in the morning to going to large celebratory events. The organization had shown their traditions and beliefs through wild passion, loud cheers and free-spirited dancing with one another. Not only that but what made the night different from other cultural events was their ability to… Keep Reading

The Big Sing on the big stage

Having a project last for 10 years is no small feat, and St. Cloud State’s annual choir concert and recruitment series, “The Big Sing”, is no exception. Having gone to the tenth annual Big Sing concert, you can just get a feel for the amount of work that went into this project as an outsider. For people that have played instruments, or performed in a choir themselves, you gain an even greater appreciation for pleasantly or complicated sounding compositions. The amount of hours required spent practicing to produce something that sounds pleasant to the ears is not as easy as one might think; playing the right notes or singing at the right pitch at the right time is a learned process. I am in the latter camp, a former trumpet and baritone horn player, and even still I was impressed by the performing choirs. As the nature of this concert… Keep Reading


The better of being a proud Indian: Aikytha Night 2017

On Nov. 18, 2017, the India Student Organization hosted Aikytha or India night and there are only three words that can describe such an event: colorful, exciting and creative. As you walk into the Atwood Ballroom you are surrounded by a feeling of friendliness and overall positive energy, and that never dimmed once throughout your time there. The evening was made up of dancing, food, fun and enthusiastic vibes, that as an audience member, it makes you feel as if you were in India that very night. This was the idea the organization had gone off of when the whole event was staged as a flight simulator. When the audience has arrived into “India,” right away we started to witness the culture of the country. Creatively, they expressed their traditions with a story of a couple, one from northern India and the other from southern India, and their desire to… Keep Reading


India Night Gallery

All images by Chelsea Bauman. Chelsea BaumanTravel the world is the goal. Take pictures for a living is the job. Film memories and moments that will last a lifetime. Keep Reading

A & E/Events/Lifestyle

KVSC and GREAT Theatre recreate War of the Worlds broadcast

Only 79 years ago, the radio show War of the Worlds, by Orson Wells, took the nation by storm. The GREAT Theatre paired up with St. Cloud State University’s radio station KVSC on October 28, to recreate such a legendary broadcast. The broadcast that created terror in America in 1938 has become a staple in American history. Orson Wells, renowned director, and writer was famous for his realistic writing skills. At the time, Wells wanted to write and put something on-air that was terrifying for Halloween night. He had produced a story about aliens invading New York City, then quickly spreading to other parts of the nation. Because it was only showcased on the radio at the time, the audience could only listen to the story as it unfolded, using life-like sound effects and voices making it all more realistic. So, for those who had decided to tune in later… Keep Reading

Events/Lifestyle/Performing Arts

MAZE: Not your ordinary magic show

This last Wednesday at Richie Auditorium, St. Cloud State University’s Cru, the Christian fellowship organization, had brought to campus the mind-boggling illusion show, MAZE. For anyone who did not get the chance to see it, truly you missed out, for it was one of the most amusing, confusing, and inspiring shows that I have seen in a while. Not only does the founder and illusionist himself, Jim Monroe, never fail to surprise the audience with his tricks, but he also reveals an underlying lesson of life and its purpose. For those who still wish to see the show in the future, I will refrain from any spoilers of the performance so you can see it for yourself. I will say that Monroe has a never-ending set of tricks up his sleeve, and doesn’t fail to surprise the audience with something new and creative during his entire production. His humor and captivating personality kept the audience’s eyes glued to the stage, anticipating what he was going to do next. However,… Keep Reading

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