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Daredevil S2: Still strong despite minor blind spots

Human superhero-themed comics were always my favorite to read. While heroes that could defy gravity or crush a truck with just their thoughts are cool in concept, they almost always fall into the trap of any powered-up character, power creep. A term used frequently in game communities of all kinds, power creep in this case refers to how heroes who have superpowers eventually gain so much power that their foes are either dwarfed in presence, or just as equally absurd in terms of power. It’s why Superman really isn’t fun outside of comics and animated films/shows. Human heroes are just more down to earth, both literally and figuratively. For live-action shows, this is quite an asset, as it leaves a lot less for special effects and editing to do. Perhaps this is one contributing factor as to why I enjoyed the first season of Daredevil, along with the writing, cast… Keep Reading

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Huskypalooza draws in hundreds, Will Rotten captivates the crowd

Some people in the audience cheered when Will Rotten swallowed a steel sword Thursday night in the Ballroom, others gaped at him in disbelief. Will Rotten, with Rotten Bros., came to St. Cloud State as a part of Huskypalooza. Leauna Hauser, the event coordinator, said attendance for Huskypalooza more than doubled, comparing Thursday night’s numbers with last year’s numbers. There were almost 500 people at the Atwood Mall by 6 p.m., even though the event didn’t officially open until 8 p.m. A number of campus departments, including the athletics department and UPB, helped organize the event. “It’s a collaborative event,” she said. “It’s definitely not a one-man job.” Hauser said organizing everything takes a long time. Jokingly, she added that she starts the planning for next year’s event right after tonight. The event can take months later to plan out. She said the first order of business is to get… Keep Reading

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Japan Night 2016 takes new angle, finds success

Cheers and roaring applause could be heard in the Atwood Ballroom as the 2016 Japan Night wrapped up Saturday evening. “Our goal this year was to make a breakthrough,” said JP Network President SJ Drong. He said the organization’s hope for this year’s event was to bring the cultural experience as close as possible to what you would find in Japan. “That’s our motivation,” he said. “We want to bring that experience here to St. Cloud State University for the students and community to enjoy and to actually educate them about Japanese culture.” Drong said the turnout was bigger than expected. A line wrapped around upstairs in Atwood as people waited to enter. Around 5:30 p.m., the doors opened. When people finally made it through, students with the JP Network bowed as they walked in. The ballroom was decorated with lamps that were strung up, all connecting back to a… Keep Reading

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Grim Dawn: A return to old, fun times

It is safe to say that I have been on an Action-RPG (ARPG) kick for a good while now. With a multitude of AAA releases trying to pass themselves off as ARPGs, it’s a breath of fresh air to find a genuine ARPG, complete with dungeons, multiple stat categories, and loot of course. This kick of mine did not start with the game in focus, but I am indeed glad I started playing Grim Dawn instead. Recently released in February by Crate Entertainment, this ARPG plants you in the middle of a conflict that has humanity on the ropes. The foray of researchers towards beings composed of aether yielded two results. The first: humans who were possessed by an Aetherial, and then purged of the possession, gained new abilities, such as dominion over magical arts. The second: a breakout by the Aetherials, and subsequent opening of aether portals to the… Keep Reading

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Decades drag show rocks Atwood

Campus organization OUTLOUD! Along with the LGBT Resource Center put on a Decades of Drag Show on Thursday, April 7 in the Atwood Ballroom.   The event was a fundraiser for the organization that showcased some excellent talent in both lip syncing and dance techniques by local drag queens and SCSU students.   Organization leaders decided to up the ante from past shows by making this event more adult-themed to attract a larger audience. SCSU students with ID had free admission. All others were charged $5 admission at the door. Free glow sticks were handed out among the crowd. Hosted by St. Cloud’s own Fusion Cabaret Show, drag queens Carmen Love and Dexter Maine-Love issued a fair warning at the beginning of the show that it was mainly for mature audiences and no discrimination would be tolerated throughout the show.   They also suggested that any audience members questioning sexuality… Keep Reading

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‘It’s the motivation that keeps me going,’ guitarist says

Acoustic guitar aficionados took Open Mic Night by storm at St. Cloud State Tuesday evening. The diverse collective of students came with their peers to show off their musical talents on stage playing both original tunes and covers from their favorite performers. The first act of the night, Tim Thole, a music major at SCSU, covered Woodie Gutherie’s “Gypsy Daisy,” along with performing an original tune of his own. His finger picking style gave his performance a folk, blues-driven resonance that captivated the audience. Thole said he picked up the guitar when he was just 13 years old after he listened to a Bob Dylan record. He cited him as one of his favorite singer-songwriters. Thole also said he is really into roots music: a popular genre amongst the west indies culture. Some of his favorite roots artists are Blind Willie Johnson, Reverend Gary Davis and Robert Johnson. While folk,… Keep Reading

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The Autopsy Report: Batman v Superman

March 24 was quite a pleasant Thursday, for the most part. A friend and I discovered how fun a game by the name of Grim Dawn was, and I got to take in some actual sun – which has been too rare this year. As the evening approached, I had this film to look forward to, even if only for schadenfreude at the films expense. Two and a half hours later from show time, I left for the parking lot with a good handful of notes, barely legible because of the dark theater. I didn’t laugh at the film like I thought I would. Rather, I only laughed in disbelief. This whole film will be critiqued from this point on, including plot details. Read at your own peril. It has been quite a long time since I saw a film with such a clear lack of focus from its own plot… Keep Reading

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‘11.22.63’ will make you thirst for the historical truth

The new 8-part mini-series streaming on Hulu, “11.22.63,” based on the Stephen King best-selling novel of the same name, has been quite the riveting period drama. With Stephen King and J.J. Abrams being two of the executive producers for the series, you instantly get drawn in and start noticing their film styles coming out… along with treasures that King leaves behind for fans to notice. The historical drama, released fittingly on Presidents Day last month, stars James Franco (127 Hours, Milk) as the main character, Jake, an english teacher.He is let in on a secret by an old diner owner who he’s known for years, Al, played by Chris Cooper (American Beauty, Adaptation). The secret is that there is a time portal which let’s you travel back in time – however, it’s only to one date: the year 1960. The other requirement? Any time you come back to the present day, everything from the… Keep Reading

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Nepal Night: A night of celebration and remembrance

Almost a year after the devastating earthquakes that nearly flattened a world capital, SCSU students and members of the St. Cloud community gathered in Ritsche Auditorium to celebrate a culture that has undergone the struggle of rebuilding. In April 2015, over 8 million people were rocked when a 7.8-magnitude earthquake hit the capital, Kathmandu. An estimated 2.8 million Nepalese were displaced, and over 130,000 houses were destroyed in the chaos. The earthquake was felt around the globe, including SCSU. The school has a large number of international students from Nepal who had friends and family affected by the natural disaster. Taking up arms, the Nepal Student Association has spent the past year collaborating with the Red Cross to raise money for families whose homes were destroyed in the quake. The night was not only a celebration of culture, but a commemoration to those who have dedicated their time to helping… Keep Reading

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