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Sanskriti, A Medley of Traditions

One thing is for sure, students in the India Heritage Club can dance better than most people can walk. More than 600 people came for dancing, singing, and delicious food at India Heritage Night. The event was held on Sat. Dec. 3rd in the Atwood Memorial Center Ballroom. The theme for India Heritage Night 2016 was, “Sanskriti, A Medley of Traditions.” According to Dr. Sneh, professor of physics and advisor of India Heritage Club, Saturday marked the 23rd year they have been putting on the show. The night began with the American national anthem, the Indian national anthem, and a prayer song. “It is really important in Indian Culture that we acknowledge the Deities,” said Sruthi Shankar, undergraduate biomedical science and biochemistry major, secretary of the India Heritage Club, and speaker at the show. Each performance was deeply rooted in India culture from classical folk performances to Bollywood dances. The… Keep Reading

‘Alien vs. Ninja’: Comical ninjas vs. rubber aliens

Every time I sit down to write one of these bad movie reviews, I find myself coming up with a new analogy for the concept of my bad movie nights in general. This week, it’s being an army of faceless miners with pickaxes, picking through an infinitely towering pile of refuse. More often than not, the pile collapses and our spirits are crushed by what we found and watched. Last week, we dug up quite the film affair: an unholy matrimony of ridiculous martial arts films and campy sci-fi. It goes by the name “Alien vs. Ninja,” and it is a riot. Produced by Seiji Chiba, “Alien vs. Ninja” is the story of three ninjas from the Iga School of Ninjustu, whose adventures to protect their village has them defending against threats that are mainly terrestrial. Ninjas from the rival ninjustu school of Koga encroach on Iga territory and are summarily… Keep Reading

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DiCaprio fights climate change with passion in ‘Before The Flood’

When you hear about a documentary starring one of the most well-known celebrities of our day and age, some people tend to roll their eyes. Why do they not take another person seriously just because of their career as an actor? Does that mean they are not credible and cannot explore, research and share scientific knowledge in a documentary? Academy Award winner, United Nations Messenger of Peace and longtime environmentalist, Leonardo DiCaprio, stars in and is one of the many producers of the real-life film on climate change, “Before the Flood”. Directed by Academy Award-winning filmmaker, Fisher Stevens, presented by National Geographic and chosen as Official Selections at both the Toronto International Film Festival and the BFI London Film Festival. In “Before the Flood” DiCaprio sets out on expeditions with scientists on five continents as well as the Arctic to uncover the realism about climate change. On his journey, he exposes the hard facts of corrupt governments around the world, denying… Keep Reading

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Lemonade Concert & Art Fair hits SCSU campus

The 43rd annual Lemonade Concert & Art Fair took place on the St. Cloud State University campus this past Thursday, with a collection of home-made art ranging from photography to robot sculptures welded from car parts. Live music played throughout the day and was concluded with the St. Cloud Symphony Orchestra concert in the Atwood Mall. Keep Reading

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“Hardcore Henry” is a bloody good time

“Hardcore Henry” is like being in a teen boy’s wet fantasy. Female nudity, violence, gore, and no consequences are all included in this vomit-inducing ride of a movie. This is one mom might want to stay home for, as even the credits are splattered with blood. Yet despite the cynical darkness of the whole movie, the violence is accompanied by a soundtrack that includes pop hits from Queen, The Sonics and The Stranglers. Don’t know how to feel about a certain scene? Don’t worry about it. The music will guide you through the emotional kiddie pool that the story embodies—all while trying to shake the fun into you. The movie is so desperate to make sure you enjoyed the two hours of chaotic footage that it tries to beat the idea that you’re having a good time into you with the song “Don’t Stop Me Now” by Queen playing throughout the bloodier fights. Meet Henry: a mute psychopath hell-bent on getting… Keep Reading

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50th Annual Juried Student Art Exhibition

On April 20th, St. Cloud State University unveiled its 50th Annual Juried Student Art Exhibition in the Kiehl building.  David Flexhaug, chairperson of the gallery ball, stated during an interview that artists travel from the Twin Cities every year to pick the best works of submitted art to display at the exhibit, but do not reveal to anyone but a select few professors who has made it into the showing. The judging is so secretive that participating artists are unable to determine if their art will be showcased at the event until the exhibit doors open. Sophomore artist Samantha Smith, who goes by the artist alias of Masu minion, had stated that she was unsure if any of her pieces had made it into the show, but was rather curious to see her fellow artists’ work. Samantha explained that the art exhibit is a great way to let people know… Keep Reading

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Justice League vs. Teen Titans: Here we go again

I miss the days of Bruce Timm and the DC Animated Universe. The atmosphere of the shows under his producer credits often felt so good that there were few moments where I noticed something that brought me back to reality. Most of these moments belonged to “The Zeta Project,” but even then I liked the show regardless. The most apparent thing to me when I watch these old shows is they stand on their own, writing is seldom clichéd; the times they are cliché bring about the possibility that they did them first. The mention of clichés brings us to our next subject on the autopsy table, “Justice League vs. Teen Titans”; I figured it was going to end up here anyway. I remember when I first heard of the film, I had formed an opinion of the film based on the title alone. It’s admittedly childish to do so,… Keep Reading

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JLBeers: New craft beer and burger hot spot

Originally based out of Fargo, N.D., JLBeers has been answering the call for local craft beer curiosity since 2009 with four locations now in Minnesota. The newest location on St. Germain Street in St. Cloud is no exception. With over 40 beers (mostly craft), on tap and its signature simple burger menu, it is quickly becoming a hot spot for beer enthusiasts and foodies of any age. Sticking to its close quarters mantra, “seating for 1,000…47 at a time,” the location is a bit cramped. The newly remodeled 100-year-old building sits near the Stearns County Court House. Of course, downtown parking was scarce, but once inside the welcoming staff and immediate assistance made up for that. A diverse assortment of customers chattered around us as a table was cleared for us to sit. By no means upscale, I found the atmosphere inviting and comfortable. It certainly wasn’t overly boisterous with 50 TV’s all catering to the eager sports fan… Keep Reading

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A review of S. A. Eberwein’s “Cash Your Investment”

In this 162-page quick read for the avid college mind, S.A. Eberwein discusses basic tactics used to take advantage of all aspects of your recent education and how to apply them towards finding a top-rate first job in your field of study. This being his first published work, the book provides tips on everything from resume writing to seeking out connections. The author, a college graduate that landed a prestigious position at a significant investment bank in New York City gives insight as to exactly how he accomplished his career goals. Eberwein conveys the importance of a positive attitude and utilizing mentors in the first few chapters. Although this information is really nothing groundbreaking, he does offer some valid points such as, “your mental approach—exactly how you think—more so than any other aspect of your job search remains a critical factor in determining whether or not you ultimately succeed in obtaining a top-self, post-graduation job.” This thought resonates throughout… Keep Reading

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