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I Could Not Plan This: An Emotionally Loaded Rap Album

Today’s rap and hip-hop genre is filled with young individuals who write their lines out of passion while knowing the odds of going mainstream are against them. Mark Laurence Richard Jr. better known as Witt Lowry, was once among those aspiring artists. In a way, he still is. With each album release, Witt’s followings have grown, yet he still has not signed with a record label. Witt’s success started in 2014 with the release of Kindest Regards. At the time, the album was officially released for free on datpiff as well as being posted to his YouTube channel. In 2015 his album Dreaming With Our Eyes Open went straight to iTunes, but he continued to support free streaming on his official YouTube and Soundcloud. He stuck to the same formula for his new album I Could Not Plan This and the positive feedback on his YouTube and Soundcloud converted into… Keep Reading

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“The Big Sick” balances comedy with difficult social issues of today’s relationships

The summer movie lineup is often packed with blockbuster titles from high-budget and well established franchises. This year was no different, with its fair share of winners and losers but also a few surprise films. “The Big Sick” is a romantic comedy about two 20-something-year-old lovers who face cultural obstacles in their hopes of a happy life. The film follows Kumail (Kumail Nanjiani) who is a Pakistani Muslim working in Chicago as a comedian while driving for Uber to make up the rest of his income. During one of Kumail’s shows, he meets Emily (Zoe Kazan) with whom he hooks up with that night. Feelings remain strong after the night, even after the pair agrees they would never speak to each other again. The couple soon enters into a relationship but all the while Kumail’s family attempts to set him up with a Pakistani women in accordance with their customs.… Keep Reading

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A Mighty Morphin Reboot

The iconic “Power Rangers” series started back in 1993, has been watched by generations of countless children, and just made a return to the big screen – bringing back the nostalgia of what many have grown up watching. The Breakfast Club meets The Avengers in this film. Combining superhero issues with everyday teenage problems we all have gone through. Jason (Dacre Montgomery), the school’s star football player meets Billy (RJ Cyler) and Kimberly (Naomi Scott) in Saturday detention. Billy is a technical genius — who also is on the autism spectrum, while Kimberly is a cheerleader fighting with her squad. The protagonists are later joined by Zack (Ludi Lin), a reckless student who barely goes to school, and Trini (Becky G), the new girl – also a lesbian outsider in Angel Grove. The first half of the film centers around the group getting to know each other. As they’re chosen… Keep Reading

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More Drake, more substance, more Life!

After announcing ‘More Life’ on his birthday back in October, Drake released one of the most highly anticipated projects of the year last Saturday. The 22-song project, which Drake has insisted on calling a playlist rather than an album, lived up to the hype and delivered what I believe will turn out to be one of Drake’s best projects when his career is said and done. ‘More Life’ uses instrumental styles from all around the globe. Drake has never been shy when it comes to singing or rapping about his personal life and his problems with relationships and trust issues. On this playlist, we see Drake at his most vulnerable state debatably since Take Care, while also delivering a plethora of bars in the process. Drake focuses on his prior strengths from past projects as well as incorporating a new, almost revolutionary style that, when it all comes together, gives… Keep Reading

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“Logan” The Wolverine We Always Wanted

Both Hugh Jackman and Patrick Stewart give heartfelt, incredible performances in their last ones as Wolverine and Professor X. For every comic book loyal fan who has dreamt of one day watching a bloody, violent, “perfect” Wolverine movie, this delivers it and so much more. Giving old fans and new fans of the X-Men franchise a movie they can all enjoy – with an “R” rating no doubt.  In this film, we see a different Logan than we are used to seeing. The year 2029 has come and mutants have all but gone extinct. Logan is much older, a drunken mess, not healing the way we are used to seeing him heal, and the very thing (Adamantium) that makes him – is breaking him. Each scene Logan is in you can see the pain he endures. The discomfort that he feels. The anger that is boiling over – you can… Keep Reading

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Hidden Figures contains a hidden gem

In history, let alone in living memory, the Space Race is something that holds strong significance. The threat of Russian dominance, nukes, The Cold War and the capability of launching technology into space served as a representation of superiority. Hidden Figures focuses on three African American women who work for NASA and the important work that surrounds them. Which happens to be crunching the numbers on the math behind putting America’s first man into space. Katharine Goble (played by Taraji P. Henson), is hired on by the Space Task Group as their “computer,” to double-check all of the teams calculations. Her arrival is unexpected and unwelcome, with her co-workers staring at her for uncomfortable periods of time, and giving her a coffee pot labeled “coloreds.” Dorothy Vaughan (played by Oscar-winning Octavia Spencer), who helps NASA’s work with IBM machines, and Mary Jackson (played by singer/songwriter Janelle Monae), the first African… Keep Reading

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A Tribute to a Princess…

Even though it has now been a month after we lost our beloved Princess in this world, it doesn’t make it any less heartbreaking. When I heard the news of Carrie Fisher being hospitalized after suffering a cardiac episode on a plane from London to Los Angeles, just days before Christmas, I was shocked – yet very hopeful that all would be well…because how could it not be? How could we lose this amazing icon right now? We had already lost so many phenomenal humans in 2016. David Bowie. Alan Rickman. Gene Wilder. Prince. We couldn’t lose one more… I have been a Star Wars fan ever since I remember seeing episodes IV, V and VI when I was a kid. Some of my favorite scenes were with Princess Leia Organa (and the Ewoks, of course). I loved the fact that Leia wasn’t a typical “princess” who wore a crown,… Keep Reading

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Sanskriti, A Medley of Traditions

One thing is for sure, students in the India Heritage Club can dance better than most people can walk. More than 600 people came for dancing, singing, and delicious food at India Heritage Night. The event was held on Sat. Dec. 3rd in the Atwood Memorial Center Ballroom. The theme for India Heritage Night 2016 was, “Sanskriti, A Medley of Traditions.” According to Dr. Sneh, professor of physics and advisor of India Heritage Club, Saturday marked the 23rd year they have been putting on the show. The night began with the American national anthem, the Indian national anthem, and a prayer song. “It is really important in Indian Culture that we acknowledge the Deities,” said Sruthi Shankar, undergraduate biomedical science and biochemistry major, secretary of the India Heritage Club, and speaker at the show. Each performance was deeply rooted in India culture from classical folk performances to Bollywood dances. The… Keep Reading

‘Alien vs. Ninja’: Comical ninjas vs. rubber aliens

Every time I sit down to write one of these bad movie reviews, I find myself coming up with a new analogy for the concept of my bad movie nights in general. This week, it’s being an army of faceless miners with pickaxes, picking through an infinitely towering pile of refuse. More often than not, the pile collapses and our spirits are crushed by what we found and watched. Last week, we dug up quite the film affair: an unholy matrimony of ridiculous martial arts films and campy sci-fi. It goes by the name “Alien vs. Ninja,” and it is a riot. Produced by Seiji Chiba, “Alien vs. Ninja” is the story of three ninjas from the Iga School of Ninjustu, whose adventures to protect their village has them defending against threats that are mainly terrestrial. Ninjas from the rival ninjustu school of Koga encroach on Iga territory and are summarily… Keep Reading

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