Business school creates new pathways with online MBA

The Herberger Business School at SCSU is proud to be a leading school in Minnesota, holding students and faculty to a high standard of learning. This semester the business school has proudly announced the start of their new online courses.

After offering courses for years in Maple Grove and St. Cloud, the Herberger Business School has spent the past year thinking of new, innovative ways to connect students to classes and professors. The program recognizes that the business world has changed, so they have decided to change with it. Students going into the MBA program can expect to dive into real-world situations and learn what it takes to be a leader. With over 30 years of accreditation by the AACSB, the program has a history of pushing students to be better. Graduate Director Gretchen Huwe says the skills you learn in business school help with every aspect of a real job.

“The key is to combine hard skills and soft skills, and to really get to know the theory before the hands-on experience,” Huwe said. “It’s challenging, but we really want to adequately prepare students for the job that they will eventually be doing.”

Huwe joins her colleagues in trying to break down the belief that online classes are easy credits. The faculty who have online classes are trained in online teaching. She wants students to understand that even though some of the classes are online, they will still be just as challenging. The quality of the education will be the same, and students can expect at least 10-15 hours of required preparation time for their schedule. Huwe believes that the online courses, while flexible, require great amounts of self-discipline.

While the classes will be just as demanding, the program is designed so that attending classes doesn’t have to be. By offering online courses, the business school hopes to be able to reach students who have a nontraditional schedule. The headline of the program is “Find Your Way”, and now with the online MBA, students can really find their way on their own time. Huwe says that there has been a demand for online courses for a while, and that the school wants to be flexible for students who can’t always make it during the traditional day hours.

“The biggest question we ask ourselves is: ‘How do we create pathways to students?’” Huwe said.

The program is creating more personal pathways by introducing the new cohort system. With this, students will go through the program with the same 20 to 25 people.  By doing this, Huwe hopes that the program will help students make more personal connections with each other, despite being online. Huwe says in the past, students have reported to being happier and more successful through the cohort system, and she hopes this will help build a bigger sense of community within the program.

The online MBA is a testament to the Herberger Business School’s dedication to progress for its students. The faculty are excited about the promise of the online program, and are looking forward to working with students on a more personal level of education.

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