The boys are back in town

You may remember the last name “Poehling” if you recall the 2015 Minnesota high school state hockey tournament. The three brothers from Lakeville North, Ryan, Jack, and Nick Poehling helped lead the Panthers to a 32-0 season, and a state title. All three brothers are now freshmen at St. Cloud State and have been playing on the same line early this season.

The relationship these brothers share is something most teammates never have the chance to experience.

“I just think growing up together has helped a lot.” said Jack Poehling. “We’re not only brothers but best friends as well.”

The only time the three brothers have been separated was when Ryan was in his junior year of high school, and the twins Nick and Jack went to Green Bay to play junior hockey for the Gamblers.

“On and off of the ice we’re never really separated.” said Ryan Poehling. “I think our bond is super tight compared to other line mates.”

Photo credit Maddie MacFarlane
Photo by Maddie MacFarlane

From Bantams, high school, to junior hockey, the boys have made strides and improved their persona in hockey.

“I think mature is the right word,” said Ryan Poehling. “This last summer was a lot for me doing school and then I went to Europe for a couple weeks (to play for team USA), so I think over that time it helped me become my own person and live on my own which helped transform into the college life.”

Each of the brothers had something to say about what they admired most about each other, and they all respect the same thing.

“Their work ethic,” said Nick Poehling. “I admire how hard they work on and off the ice, and I’m lucky enough to see it every day, and see how passionate they are for the game.”

“I’d say their work ethic,” said Ryan Poehling. “They’ve never had stuff handed down to them, and they’ve gotten cut from teams that I feel they shouldn’t have gotten cut, always had USA hockey stuff going on that they’ve gotten cut. They’ve always worked hard and they didn’t use that against them they used it for them as motivation and I think their work ethic has gotten them where they are and where they want to go,” he said.

“Just how hard they work I’d say,” said Jack Poehling. “Nick and Ryan work really hard and I look after that a lot and try to kind of model my game after them.”

There are a couple road blocks the Poehling brothers had to get past in order to play at St. Cloud State this season. Ryan graduated from high school a year early to help fill the open spots on the roster, and Nick suffered an ACL injury in Green Bay last year. Nick’s debut on the college hockey stage was not supposed to be made until a little before Christmas, but he cut his recovery time a month short.

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