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How the $5 million STEM scholarships will help students

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St. Cloud State University is partnering with other community colleges across the state, promoting a 5-million dollar scholarship from a grant received from the National Science Foundation. The grant, the Academic Collaboration and Coordination Model to Ensure Student Success in STEM, or better known as, ACCESS STEM, will help students complete bachelor’s degrees who are interested in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math fields. Their target goal is to help 100 students attending SCSU or any one of the partnering institutions, to help obtain those degrees in a 5-year period. According to the criteria, the scholarship has five standards that students must achieve in order to receive them: 1) Students must be citizens, nationals or aliens who were admitted as refugees or lawfully admitted to the U.S. for permanent residency. 2) They must be a full-time student in a STEM program, either at a community college or university and must continue to…

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Rough summer construction on 5th Avenue impacts businesses

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Businesses on 5th are always booming during the academic year, but when construction began on the street in early June, bars and restaurants saw their bottom lines tank. Ever since, it’s been difficult for people to drive around the area and get to their destination comfortably. This is not fun for people who want to go out for a night on the town or a lunch break during the work week, as many don’t like to walk on unpaved and uneven sidewalks. And of course, huge manholes. Brandon Testa, owner of House of Pizza stated that throughout the course of the summer, “we had a massive hole out here for the majority of the time.” House of Pizza is an independent shop run by Testa – he owns a few others nearby. For a company like his, he feels the burden of the construction more than a corporate company would.…

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International Faces: Three students share their experience on campus

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It’s the start of a brand new year for the Huskies at home and abroad. This week, we shined a spotlight on three international students from three different countries about their time at SCSU and for some, their journey stops at the end of this semester.     XinHao (Amy) Tao is from China. She’s majoring in finance and has been in the U.S. for over one year. She said her time at SCSU has been good overall. Tao also came with a cohort of 70 students as part of a program. She said studying abroad is “so cool, it’s really cool,” but sometimes she misses home and especially misses the food from there. Tao also mentions studying abroad. “You meet many new people and different faces, different opinions and different ideas.” She has visited a couple of other states in the U.S. such as New York City and Seattle.…

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