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Fight for Pride: SCSU College Democrats welcome Zach Dorholt to the SCSU campus for rally

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The SCSU College Democrats gathered on the Atwood Mall on Oct. 27 for a rally endorsing local candidates who support LGBT+ rights. Zach Dorholt, candidate for House district 14B, was among the speakers who presented at the event, which also included speeches from SCSU students who are either allies to the LBGT+ community or are a part of it themselves. Political activist Justin Michael of Take Action Minnesota was also among the presenters, who gave an emotional account of his experiences supporting candidates with the well-being of the LGBT+ community in mind. The rally featured chants among those gathered, personal stories about how some students have been affected by laws surrounding the LGBT community, and endorsements for candidates Zach Dorholt, candidate for House district 14B; Dan Wolgamott, candidate for Senate district 14; and Aric Putnam, candidate for Senate district 14A.

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Minnesota natives Cloud Cult and Little Fevers perform on SCSU campus in wake of Crossroads Mall attack

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Local favorite Cloud Cult played a concert with opening band Little Fevers on the evening of Saturday, Sept. 24 in the Ritsche Auditorium of Stewart Hall on the campus of St. Cloud State University for KVSC’s Live and Local event. The bands, both hailing from Minnesota, greeted fans and new listeners of all ages with their indie, pop-rock sounds and energizing, positive ambiance. Both bands reminded the crowd of the importance of sticking together and staying hopeful after the attack that took place at Crossroads Mall. “This town has been hit hard. There is something to be said about the fear that one person can create. There is more to be said about the beauty that the community can create after something like this happens,” said lead vocalist and guitarist Craig Minowa of Cloud Cult. Before Little Fevers began, emcee Jay Terry, the artistic director of Pioneer Place Theater, welcomed Mayor Dave…

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SCSU Farmers’ Market in full swing

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Vendors continue to set up shop every Monday from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. in the Atwood Mall for the St. Cloud State University Farmers’ Market. Students can indulge in fresh, local produce for a low cost between classes, as well as baked goods, flowers, honey, and maple syrup. Some weeks one of the companies, Bite Size MN from Sartell, offers a mystery flavored French macaron that buyers can purchase and take a shot at guessing the flavor of on their Facebook page to win a free four pack. The Farmers’ Market has been a staple to the fall season here on the SCSU campus for a few years now. This year, it began on August 25 and it will run through October 13.

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