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India Night Gallery

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All images by Chelsea Bauman.

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Celebrate State Week- Blizzardshack

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  • IMG_4565.jpg?fit=933%2C1400
    Students enjoyed one of the activities provided by the Campus Rec Organization.
  • IMG_4569.jpg?fit=1400%2C933
    Campus Rec at St. Cloud State University provided students with a fun activity for the night.
  • IMG_4579.jpg?fit=1400%2C933
    A mini golf course was set up outside of the Atwood Mall for students to play.
  • IMG_4581.jpg?fit=1400%2C933
    An arrangement of games were displayed for students to use with a valid student ID.
  • IMG_4584.jpg?fit=1400%2C973
    Students collided in one of the blow-up activities provided at the Blizzardshack event.
  • IMG_4600.jpg?fit=1400%2C933
    The University Program Board provided students with an event on October 12, 2017, from 7-11 pm.
  • IMG_4618.jpg?fit=1400%2C933
    Students enjoyed a carnival ride, Tornado, at the Blizzardshack event.
  • IMG_4632.jpg?fit=1046%2C1400
    A display of activities at Blizzardshack event held in Atwood Mall on October 12, 2017.
  • IMG_4639.jpg?fit=1034%2C1400
    A student getting ready to golf at one of the holes provided at the Blizzardshack event.
  • IMG_4640.jpg?fit=933%2C1400
    The mini golf course was lit up in an arrangement of glowing lights.
  • IMG_4648.jpg?fit=1400%2C933
    A student getting ready to golf at one of the holes provided at the Blizzardshack event.
  • IMG_4649.jpg?fit=933%2C1400
    Students were required to wear goggles at the police mini golf station that would resemble an intoxicated experience.
  • IMG_4654.jpg?fit=1400%2C933
    St. Cloud Police Department assisted a student in staying steading after mini golfing with stimulation goggles on.
  • IMG_4656.jpg?fit=933%2C1400
    The Education Abroad program decorated on of the many mini-golf holes for students to participate in.
  • IMG_4661.jpg?fit=933%2C1400
    Mini golf was decorated with several themes for each organization.
  • IMG_4666.jpg?fit=1400%2C933
    Students enjoyed one of the activities provided at Blizzardshack.
  • IMG_4695.jpg?fit=1400%2C933
    A carnival ride was provided for students and community to Celebrate State week.
  • IMG_4703.jpg?fit=933%2C1400
    Students showed off their moves in the Atwood Mall during blizzard shack October 12, 2017.
  • IMG_4705.jpg?fit=1400%2C933
    A DJ provided an arrangement of tunes for students to enjoy the evening.
  • IMG_4724.jpg?fit=1400%2C905
    St. Cloud State mascot enjoyed a free refreshment at the event.
  • IMG_4736.jpg?fit=1400%2C930
    Several students gathered to dance the night away in the Atwood Mall.
  • IMG_4739.jpg?fit=1400%2C933
    Students got low to the Cupid Shuffle at the Blizzardshack event.
  • IMG_4757.jpg?fit=1400%2C933
    Free marshmallows were provided to students and the community to roast over a warm fire.
  • IMG_4768.jpg?fit=1400%2C933
    Students gathered to stay warm and enjoy a tasty treat at Blizzardshack- one of the events to kick off Celebrate State weekend.
  • IMG_4777.jpg?fit=1400%2C876
    Marshmallows were roasted over a warm fire. All food and refreshments were free to students with a valid student ID.

  All photos by Chelsea Bauman.

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Clothed in Pink, Participants Walk For a Cause

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The annual Making Strides Against Breast Cancer event took place on October 14, 2017, as community members of all ages came bundled up in pink. A chilly temperature made the three-mile walk a bit long, but participants displayed smiles the entire route. Families full of young, old, survivors, and friends gathered to spread awareness and walk for a great cause. Several teams coordinated t-shirts and raised thousands of dollars to support Breast Cancer. Dance and cheer teams of SCSU cheered on participants throughout the walk around St. Cloud State University campus. Water stations were available at both the one mile and two-mile marker with volunteers also clothed in pink. A speaker informed guests thatΒ about 1 in 8 women will develop invasive breast cancer over the course of her lifetime, therefore donations can be used to further research, and provide help and comfort to those battling at the moment.   All…

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SCSU students march, remember and reflect with Take Back the Night

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With October being Domestic Violence Awareness month, those who have experienced domestic violence or know someone who was, are taking this time to remember and reflect. Students at St. Cloud State University are bringing awareness to this issue every year by participating in Take Back the Night, an event where students march, light candles and listen to keynote speakers.

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