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Disc Golf grows following and fun in St. Cloud

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Each summer, public parks across St. Cloud play host to games of disc golf as players navigate courses in an attempt to toss a Frisbee disc into a metal basket. The sport has continued to expand in popularity across the nation, but also on a local level. According to the Professional Disc Golf Association (PDGA) by the end of 2016, the United States had 6976 courses across the country, a growth of over 1500 new courses since the year before. The St. Cloud area has four courses of which all are free to play and located at public parks across town. Riverside Park, Calvary Hill Park, St. Cloud VA Medical Center, and River’s Edge Park, all have courses for players to throw a disc at. Whether you’re a new player or an experienced player, St. Cloud offers a variety of course styles and terrains. The most popular of St. Cloud’s…

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Changes to SCSU student constitution approved

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In March, St. Cloud State University held its spring Student Government election which led to a presidential victory by Jack O’Neil-Como and his running mate Kayla Shelley. But the election also gave voters the opportunity to voice their opinions on changes the Student Constitution Committee was seeking for the Student Constitution. The Student Constitution is a document outlining the basis of Student Government with topics ranging from the organization’s structure to a broad outlining of what power they can utilize. Changes have not been made to the Constitution since the Fall 2010 election, which has made the ability to edit the document a challenge. “Until this election, the last time we received enough votes to even make an amendment was Fall Semester of 2011,” said Constitution Committee Chair Devin Smith. For the Constitution to be amended, it’s required that 8 percent of the SCSU student body votes in the general election…

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SCSU eSports hosts Spring League of Legends Tournament

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On April 15, gamers took to Atwood to compete in St. Cloud State eSports’ Spring League of Legends Tournament. The event was officially sanctioned by the LoL developer, Riot, who also supplied Riot Points as prizes. With 10 teams of five players each competing, including both SCSU students and community members, the event lasted nearly all day. It was also streamed live on Twitch and in Atwood, where about 100 people tuned in to watch the matches. The “MNSU Chimps” placed first with a roster of feelsbatman, ILoveVarus, Ransackmoose, Gegabyte, and Under 50 Percent (who became the tournament MVP). They received 2017 championship jerseys, mousepads, Red Bull, Riot Points and a plaque for their victory. In second was “St. Cloud 9” and in third place, “JFK was outside of heal range” who also received prizes for their efforts. Both the second and third place finishers were teams made up of…

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All action in “Fate of the Furious”

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From the series inception in 2001, the ‘Fast and the Furious’ has become Universal’s greatest franchise. It delivered financially once again as the 8th film in the series generating the largest opening weekend earnings of all time with $532.5 million globally in the box office. “The Fate of the Furious” departs the story away from the Brian O’Conner (previously played by the late Paul Walker) while staying true to the action that made the series famous. Opening with Dom (Vin Diesel) and Letty (Michelle Rodriguez) honeymoon in Cuba, the movie quickly jumps into scenes of fast driving and aggressive action. Dom quickly defeats Raldo, a man seeking to repossess his cousin’s car, and chooses to give his current car to his cousin. This seeks to emphasize Dom’s commitment to “family” which is a topic repeatedly touched on in the previous films. Dom faces a huge obstacle when approached by Cipher…

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eSports expand across campus

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Across the country, sports have embedded themselves as a primary part of college campuses, with students participating both as players and fans. In recent years, eSports, or competitive video gaming has risen in popularity. To date, 12 college varsity eSports teams are officially operated by universities, with some players receiving athletic scholarships. Teams primarily compete on popular PC games such as DOTA 2 and League of Legends (LoL). Countless more teams are operated as student clubs. St. Cloud State also has a student-run eSports organization lead by its President, Justin Schmidt, after being founded almost five years ago by Kevin Angell. Schmidt is a double major in Biomedical Science and Communications Studies with a plan to become a chiropractor. Much of the clubs success Schmidt attributes to the help of his fellow members and officers. Initially, the club centered exclusively around LoL, but quickly expanded into other games as well.…

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Aaron Hernandez Found Dead, one of many troubled NFL stars

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Wednesday morning, officials reported former New England Patriots tight end, Aaron Hernandez was found dead in his prison cell. While an autopsy is still being performed, Hernandez was reported to have hung himself using his bed sheets. Hernandez was currently serving a life sentence without the possibility of parole after having been convicted for a 2013 shooting of Odin Lloyd, a semi-professional football player. Lloyd had been dating the sister of Hernandez’s fiancée at the time. In 2012, Hernandez was investigated for a connection he had to a double murder in Boston. Last week on April 14, he was found not guilty of the murders. Formerly considered to be one of the best tight ends in college football, Hernandez was rumored to have used marijuana in college, causing him to fall in draft ranks. In 2010, the former Florida Gator was drafted by the Patriots in the fourth round, after…

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Adrian Peterson rides into the purple sunset

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Whether fans like it or not, the Vikings former star running back, Adrian Peterson will not be with the team in the 2017 season. This was confirmed in March when General Manager, Rick Spielman told the media, “with us signing [Latavius] Murray, Adrian will move on elsewhere.” Where Peterson will end up next season is still not certain as the 32- year-old running back has struggled to stay healthy in the second half of his career. It is fair to believe Peterson’s best years may be behind him, but as he departs the Vikings it’s worth looking back at how much he achieved with the team. In 2007, after a standout performance at Oklahoma, the Vikings drafted Peterson with the 7th overall pick in the NFL draft. The young running back was confident in himself despite having dealt with injuries in college. He would tell the Star Tribune at the…

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Skate Unity Fundraiser creates art and opportunities for area skaters

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The Skate Unity fundraiser, hosted by The Youth Shelter Supply (YSS), started on March 24 and ran through Saturday evening, April 1 at The White Horse in downtown St. Cloud. For the 11th year, the event marks an opportunity for local artists to showcase their skills while helping others in the community. YSS handed out blank skateboards for artists to design on and the finished products were put up for sale during a silent auction all week. All of the money raised from the auction this year will go towards the St. Cloud Skate Camp – a free summer camp for kids learning to skate. We caught up with some of the artists to find out more about their motives and designs. Art was something which was long a part of many of the artist’s lives, and the event gave them an opportunity to further express themselves. Madison Holler, a…

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