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‘The Shack’: the beautiful – and surprising – explanation of God

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For some, God and the afterlife are nothing more than a magical story. For others, it is a beautiful way of life and a way to shape and explain their existence. Whichever side of the fence you stand on, there are questions behind the purpose, point, and prerogative of God, which are so eloquently answered in “The Shack”. In a way that has never before been depicted in movies, “The Shack” fearlessly attacks the questions so often presented in the face of religion. This fearlessness, in my opinion, deserves the highest form of praise. The 2017 film is based on the 2007 novel of the same title written by William P. Young. Mack Phillips (played by Sam Worthington) takes his three children on a camping trip that’s all family fun until his daughter Missy (played by Amelie Eve) is kidnapped and killed while he’s trying to save his other two…

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13 reasons why this show is not worth your time

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“Welcome to your tape” sounds comforting to the naïve ear, but for the characters in this show it marks the beginning of trouble, anxiety, and fear. In a show that glorifies the tragic topic of suicide, it’s dangerous food for thought to the exact people they are trying to touch with their story. ’13 Reasons Why’ is a television series based on the 2007 novel of the same name. The show follows the aftermath of high school student Hannah Baker’s (played by Katherine Langford) suicide as the people she leaves behind are each left with 13 tapes, each tape explaining a different reason why she killed herself. Clay Jensen (played by Dylan Minnette) is the main focus of the aftermath as he was Hannah’s closest friend and love interest. I believe this show ultimately had good intentions but several things really bothered me:   THERE WAS A LOT OF GOOD…

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A Journalist’s Take on A Journalist’s Take

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Curiosity is the catalyst to discovery. A journalist’s job is to follow where their curious minds take them, fueled by a passionate desire to come upon the truth. It is in these truths that we establish our beliefs and morals. As a journalist, there is no greater reward than pursuing a story and turning a hunch into a reality. But sometimes the truth isn’t the result of initial expectations. Sometimes it forces us to come face to face with one of the biggest decisions a person can ever be asked to make: follow the facts or believe in the fiction. Based on a true story, the 2017 American Christian drama, “The Case for Christ” follows the life of journalist Lee Strobel (played by Mike Vogel) in his pursuit to uncover the truth behind Jesus Christ. After Lee and his wife Leslie (played by Erika Christensen) witness a stranger save their daughter…

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Seniors display best pieces in gallery show

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The end of the school year marks the time for tests, papers, and presentations (and lots of them). For students who spend their days in the Kiehl art building, however, this is the time to show off their very best work. In a building that is open 24 hours a day and seven days a week, students are giving the opportunity to perfect their art at all times of the day. The pieces range from sculpture to pottery to paintings and everything in between. Each year the gallery director (currently Bruce Tapola) chooses a juror/guest artist to look through the students’ work and select pieces for the gallery. The faculty also donates funds to three of the top artists chosen by the juror that year. Kiehl gallery assistant, Brittany Omann, says that galleries are important for these art students. “I believe openings are important and exciting. It’s a great way…

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Staying safe at night, do’s and don’ts

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The weekends are supposed to be a college student’s stress-free days of the week. The time when homework is ignored and sleeping in is essential so the long nights ahead aren’t as exhausting. However, fun nights can turn dangerous quickly if the correct precautions are not taken to insure safety. Although a not every dangerous event can be preventable, several actions can be taken to help avoid these potentially dangerous situations.   Take advantage of buses: All you need is your student ID to ride the St. Cloud Metro Bus. Both St. Cloud State University and St. Cloud Community and Technical College can take advantage of this transportation. During the week, the Husky Shuttle runs every ten minutes, picking up and dropping off at the Wick science building. On the weekend, the Late Nite bus is available (no student ID required after 1:50 am). It’s a 20-minute route that runs…

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Brodzinski crowned with debut for the Kings

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Photo by Maddie MacFarlane

Many athletes dreams conclude with the opportunity to play their sport professionally. At St. Cloud State University this dream has been made possible for many hockey players. Jonny Brodzinksi, a Blaine, Minnesota native now has the pleasure of adding his name to that list. Earlier this week Brodzinski made the trip from the gloomy weather of Ontario to the warm rays of Los Angeles as he hit the ice with the Kings at the Staples Center to face off against the New York Rangers in his NHL debut. Usually, an athlete’s first appearance in the pros means new faces – not for Brodzinski. The familiar face of former Husky, Nic Dowd greeted him to his left as Brodzinski skated in his right wing position. Dowd and Brodzinski played two seasons together at St. Cloud State and Dowd now has 71 games up on him in the NHL. Brodzinski led his…

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Winners and losers of the NHL trade deadline

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As March approaches most NHL fans are focused on playoffs right around the corner, beginning in April.  Some eagerly check the standings repeatedly, praying their team sneaks into the playoff picture. Other, more fortunate, fans sit back and relax as they watch their team maintain steady positioning in the playoff race. But before the highly anticipated post season can make its appearance, fans must come to terms with the fact they could see a favorite player come or go as the trade deadline approaches. As appealing as a trade may look on paper, the true test of success comes with re-evaluation on how the players mesh with their new teammates. Many teams must face the fact that the trade was not as beneficial as originally hoped, while other teams have the pleasure of watching a new team member flourish in their system. March 1st brought all the pop and circumstance…

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Second place won’t slow down these stars

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For the past two years, the Husky wrestling team has walked into the National Championships with the confidence of winners and left with evidence to prove it. This year, visions of a three-peat decorated the walls of the wrestling room and the mind of every wrestler who stepped into it. These lustful visions of victory soon turned mournful after the Huskies found themselves sitting in fifth place after day one, with four of the nine qualifiers not even winning a match. The thirst for victory kept the Huskies fighting on day two, but their struggles in day one prevented them from passing first place Norte Dame of Ohio. A second place finish is impressive, despite not being quite the ending the Huskies were hoping for. There were impressive performances by many Huskies, despite having no first or second place finishers. The team came back to St. Cloud with four All-Americans…

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