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Editor in Chief send-off

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Journalism and the industry around it have changed. We as a society have become more and more dependent on technology that will get us the news we want, faster and more personally than ever before. Does that mean that journalism itself is changing? I can truthfully say that here at the Chronicle, the basic principles of standards essential to journalism have not changed in the slightest. As I write this send-off, I recollect all of the great times I’ve experienced with so many exceptional human beings. Everything that I have learned about the 4th estate comes from the people that I have worked with here at the University Chronicle. The previous editor in chiefs helped to sculpt how I thought as a journalist and ultimately my attitude towards overseeing this incredible institution of journalistic endeavors. This industry has come to a cross roads, a challenge in which we may decide…

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‘Moonlight’: a Powerful Look at Identity

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Understanding identity may be one of the most important battles that one confronts throughout life. Many films throughout time have touched on finding one’s identity, however, Moonlight deciphers this in an incredibly human way. Set in the ghettos of Miami, the story Moonlight follows a boy named Chiron in three different stages. Chiron, born to a crack addicted mother under harsh circumstances, finds it hard to fit within the society and community in which he lives. Throughout Chiron’s journey, he struggles with self-identity along with his sexual orientation. In part one of the story, Chiron befriends a young couple that takes him in as he needs. From this couple, he develops a sense of knowledge and self-respect. This relationship serves as the base for this young boy as he grows older in the last two stages. Director Barry Jenkins does an incredible job keeping all three parts incredibly distinct. This…

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St. Cloud Pride in the Park

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St. Cloud Pride Weekend has grown in the St. Cloud area, expanding the different events and activities. Friday night, the festivities began with a theater performance at Pioneer Place. St. Cloud State University hosted Club Pride in the Underground in the Atwood Memorial Center. Attendees had the chance to bowl, dance and enjoy snacks and refreshments until midnight. To top off Friday’s events, Pioneer Place also hosted the ‘Carnivale Revolver Burlesque Show.’ Saturday was ‘Pride in the Park.’ Grizzly’s Wood-Fire catering, Happy Kooker’s Kettle Corn Company, among many other food vendors and organizations flooded Lake George Municipal Complex. Pride-goers spent the majority of the day visiting many different vendors and experiencing live music. Saturday night at the River’s Edge Convention Center, the annual St. Cloud Pride Drag Show featured many different performers. The event was hosted by Bonnie the Barfly. Sunday morning, DB’s Searls hosted St. Cloud Pride Brunch.

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The Office of Civil Rights visits St. Cloud State

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A branch of the Department of Education, the Office of Civil Rights made a 3-day visit to St. Cloud State University, following a complaint to the Department of Education by an SCSU student. The complaint involved a sexual assault allegation made by the student. The student then filed a complaint with the Department of Education referring to St. Cloud State’s investigation about the matter. All the persons involved in the investigation as well as the complaint have been and will remain confidential until the investigation by the Office of Civil Rights is complete.   When complaints are filed with the Department of Education, the Office of Civil rights gets involved, depending on what the case pertains. Title IX also plays a factor in this case due to subpart A and B, which focus on sexual violence and sexual assault. The department focuses many of its efforts on investigating St. Cloud…

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Social Work students seek to help ‘Eliminate Racism’

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With the subject of race being a part of many conversations being had throughout the United States today, the battle for equality in many respects is not over and many within American culture would agree. The progression towards racial equality has always been an uphill battle for minorities. Progress, however, has not stopped. This is seen clearly through the International Day to Eliminate Racism, as students from the Department of Social Work set up interactive activities to help educate fellow student walking around Atwood Memorial Center. Flyers and pamphlets were handed out to students, all the while educating others on what racism looks like today and how to intervene when something of the sorts takes place. “The United Nations has this Global Elimination of Racism day, so the social work students and Social Work Association (SWA) has decided to take part in that. We have set up posters; we have a couple…

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John Fillah responds to campus concerns

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Recent incidents on the campus of St. Cloud State University involving students and John Fillah, known as St. Cloud Superman, have sparked controversy within the campus community. Students, as well as top university officials, have spoken out against the actions taken by Fillah by protesting and taking legal steps in order to avoid situations like this in the future. Fillah was seen waiving a Confederate Flag, which he later claimed to be the flag of the Southern Cross, on city streets lying within the parameter of the St. Cloud State campus. A video of the incident was uploaded to YouTube and has been circulating on the web. The video shows Fillah waiving the flag in front of the Garvey Commons, near the heart of campus. An African American student then confronted Fillah, followed by public safety to de-escalate the situation. In response to an outcry against him, Fillah sat down with…

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Community affirms campus values through Unity Walk

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As the diverse crowd began to grow in the Atwood mall on Thursday, the message of the congregation became clearer. As St. Cloud State University President Earl H. Potter III stood at the top of the steps of the Atwood Mall. The crowd silenced and words of equality, tolerance and unity flowed from the president moving an entire group of diverse students, faculty and staff. As the crowd stood and listened, the overall somber tone of the event evolved into a reactionary attitude that led to the unity and collective outcry against prejudice and discrimination on St. Cloud States campus. Unity is defined by being in full agreement and the element on oneness, and that is what was exemplified during the Unity Walk. Put on by the University Program Board and other organizations on campus, the walk was due to an outcry against intolerance after a man known as the…

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Student Government runs into low voter turnout

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The St. Cloud State University Student Government elections have come and gone once again for the semester, deciding 16 senators at large and giving statistical insight to issues that reach every St. Cloud State student in the upcoming future. Voter turnout fell short again, with an all time low this semester. When asked about voter turnout, Student Body President Lindsey Gunnerson said that the “lack of campaigning” was much of the reason why voter turnout was down. “The lack of campaigning and visibility of all candidates really confused the student body, and it definitely hit us hard,” she said. “We hoped that our referenda would draw some additional voters, but it was not as successful as a tactic as we had hoped.” With such low voter turnout, concerns for next year’s student government and the issues they will face are beginning to surface. Much of which can also be attributed to the lack of…

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