Atwood announces popcorn price surge

As St. Cloud State University’s fiscal year comes to an end on July 1, different departments are looking at ways to balance their budget and Atwood is making some changes to a cheap, beloved snack it sells.

In a survey passed out last week, Atwood asked students, faculty and staff about two different options for pricing the salty/buttery brain food:

1. Increasing the price of popcorn by 25 cents for all sizes, making a small 50 cents, a medium 75 cents and a large $1

2. Keeping the price of popcorn the same for each size, but decreasing the amount you get in a bag

“We know there’s passion around popcorn,” Matt Trombley, Atwood’s Associate Director said. “The price change means something, it’s important in people’s day as they stop over [to the information center] on their breaks to get a snack, it’s something we take seriously.”

Trombley said changes are happening because the University loses money for selling the popcorn so cheap and by raising the price or decreasing the size, it can help balance the checkbook. He also mentioned Atwood does not make a profit on the amount it sells. The small amount of revenue they do make helps give more resources for students.

And while some are upset, Atwood officials are not concerned people will stop buying.

However, the issue is still facing opposing opinions.

Luz Triana, a Spanish Professor said it’s more unfortunate for students than faculty.

“I think for students it’s more disappointing because they know when they come to Atwood, they can get popcorn for a quarter,” she said. “It’s easier to have a quarter than to have two quarters or three quarters.”

But others don’t really seem to care, such as SCSU junior Patrick Gill who thinks a minor price increase is nothing to be worried about.

“I mean, it’s just 25 cents, look – I don’t like paying more money, let’s be honest here it’s hardly the end of the world,” he said.

The survey is still available for feedback. Trombley said they expect to make a decision before the end of the semester.


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