Ace in the hole

There are many talented athletes on the campus of St. Cloud State University, from hockey to golf and Marren Pfannenstein is no exception. The sophomore golfer out of St. Cloud is a great local talent who brings much to the golf course. Pfannenstein was always athletic growing up, but did not take to golf until the later years of her youth.

“I’ve always had a love for sports and just being active in general,” Pfannenstein said. “But with golf specifically it didn’t really start for me until I was 12. My dad played a decent amount of golf and got me started with it. I developed a very natural swing from the beginning and then watching the pros and legends on TV really helped grow my passion for the game,” Pfannenstein said.
Pfannenstein was great at golf in high school – she lettered in the sport six times and was also gifted at soccer and hockey, lettering in both those sports as well. However, when it came down to choosing which sport to play collegiately, her answer may surprise some.

“Ironically, out of my three sports I played in high school, golf was never really my favorite,” Pfannenstein said. “I would have loved the chance to play hockey or soccer in college but the opportunities just weren’t really there. As I got older, I enjoyed golf more and more and decided to play. I love being a part of a team and really wanted to continue that into college,” added Pfannenstein.

One never really thinks somebody who was so successful at a sport, would go to it as their last resort, but being part of a team is more like being a part of a family. The comradery you build with your teammates is a bond that is not quite like any other.

On being so successful at the sport of golf, Pfannenstein said, “I had a great team in high school that supported me with my success, but overall I just practiced and played a lot. I was constantly working on my swing and [was] very determined to get better every day.”
With being a student athlete, there are so many different paths one can take. Different collages bring their own unique flavor that their students can get a taste of. When it came to choosing St. Cloud State University to play golf, it had its own pros and cons.

“I chose St. Cloud State University because it ultimately had everything I wanted,” Pfannenstein said. “I liked the golf coach, I liked my teammates, and I plan to pursue a degree in business. It being so close to home definitely wasn’t ideal but I live on campus and enjoy having my family close to me,” Pfannenstein said.
Golf is as much of a mental sport as it is physical. A golfer really has to have their mind in the right place when they go to tee off, as well as when they sink their last putt. When it comes to being ready to take the tee, Pfannenstein said, “Physically, I just make sure I am stretched out and feeling loose, joke around with my teammates to help stay relaxed. Mentally, I usually listen to music and just try to have as many positive thoughts as possible about my swing and the course.”
The mark of a great team is how well they perform not just on the course, but off of it as well. Pfannenstein said the team has a great bond. “I absolutely love my team. We have great chemistry and get along very well. They are not only my teammates, but great friends of mine as well. We spend a lot of time together on and off the course,” she said.

The St. Cloud State women’s golf team is clearly more like a family than just a group of athletes who come together for a common cause, which relates directly to their success on the golf course. They have yet to finish outside the top 10 in a tournament this year.

Pfannenstein herself has been a huge part of their success, with finishing fourth individually at the Golden Bear classic where the team finished second. At the Mustang Invitational, she once again finished in the top half of the group and the team finished in sixth.
You would be hard pressed to find somebody who enjoys what they do more than Marren Pfannenstein. Keep an eye out for her to be leading the St. Cloud State University golf team to success for the remainder of her time here.

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