A united husky nation: homecoming kick-off


Seven years is a long time to build up excitement. For SCSU students, faculty, and alumni, 2018 has brought back homecoming with much anticipation. The whole week is plumb full of activities for students and the community. To begin a week of celebration, our new president, Robbyn R. Wacker, was inaugurated on Monday at 10 a.m. Her inauguration acts as a metaphor, the beginning of a new era as our first woman president and a new beginning to the age-old tradition of homecoming.

The festivities officially began on Wednesday, October 17th at 12 p.m. at the Atwood Mall. The excitement could be heard from halfway across campus from the music roaring out of loud speakers surrounding the mall. By some work of magic, a crew was able to conceal a Ferris wheel inside the mall. It was impossible to miss once entering but was a surprise to those on the edges of campus. This is exactly what homecoming is about, bring people in.

Husky Nation

The dance team gathered with excitement as President Wacker kicked off homecoming with a prideful message,

“Please come and be a part of our community. This is the best time of year we can be a husky nation.”

To close her message, she funneled excitement with the dance team and showing off a few moves of her own. After the president’s words, fall sport coaches and captains shared an update of their season and asked fans to come support them at all their events this season.

One of the biggest reasons homecoming is exciting for so many is the novelty of it. Freshman, Amber Schuster, shares,

“I’ve never really been one for homecoming. This time, it’s something that differentiates the year. It changes life here.”

The Homecoming Kickoff was put on by the Department of Campus Involvement; they had a plethora of activities for all interests. Besides the grand Ferris wheel that took up the center of the mall, the department provided free food, pictures on the big red chair, wacky trike races, stuff-a-husky, free photo magnets, and drawings for Coca-Cola items. All these activities were free once you swiped your student ID. This, according to Olivia Schomer (sophomore), is what is so exciting about homecoming,

“The fact that we get to do it. And the free stuff.”


The Homecoming Kick-off officially lasted three hours, from 12-3 p.m., but the excitement generated from this event will surely last throughout the weekend and permeate into next week. All elements of the event showcased school spirit. From the photo op with the big RED chair, to stuffing our mascot to bring home with us, to the free Garvey burgers and hotdogs, and throughout the crowd dancing with Blizzard.

The kick-off will leave a pleasant taste in the mouths of the public, and not just from the delicious free food. If this event will set the trend for the entire weekend, there is no doubt that this tradition will thrive once again. To continue President Wacker’s theme, we are a husky nation, we are united, and we are proud.


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