A short guide to starting school strong

After a long summer break, some of us may find it hard to refocus our thoughts and energies towards our education.

It’s like when you push a car on neutral, at first it is the inertia that’s resisting motion, but after some determination and perseverance, we can get the car rolling smoothly.

You experience inertia all the time. Like when you’re waking up, getting out of your home, or starting your first task.

Now that you’re back to school, you will face inertia on several levels. Like studying, finishing an assignment, and preparing for an exam.

You can work on transcending inertia by asking yourself this question: “Why am I studying?” Hopefully, the answer is to have the best possible life for you. Most people define what a “Good Life” is different. But I define a good life as one that is productive, benefits society in a constructive way, and one that views the spiritual and material aspects of life as important.

Don’t allow inertia to get the best of you. Push forward strong and wake-up every-day super-ready to go.

Work on making everyday count. In every classroom try and uplift the energy by participating and asking questions.

Be thirsty for knowledge. You will be surprised by how your enthusiasm can make everyone’s experience more enjoyable and worthwhile.

In higher education, you get to try and interact with different subject matters to find out what you’d like to continue pursuing. Here you can develop your interpersonal skills, critical thinking skills, writing skills, and group work skills which are vital in the real world. You’ll also be learning about yourself and what you’re good at.

Make this year the best year you’ve ever had, because you won’t have it again. Try to show in your interactions with others and in the attitude you will have towards learning, that you really care.

You have at your disposal many resources that can help you succeed, like learning centres, peers, teachers, and staff. Use the help you can get. More importantly, help others if they need it.

Happy helping, happy learning, happy succeeding.

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Sarv Mithaqiyan

Sarv Mithaqiyan (a.k.a. Sodid Misaghian) is a Baha'i, journalist, philosopher and runs a YouTube channel entitled Elevated & Meaningful. He's a news reporter for UTVS and currently getting his Master's in Strategic Mass Communication at SCSU. He holds a Bachelor's degree in Philosophy and Minor in Religious Studies from UC Davis. Follow him on twitter @SarvMithaq

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