742 Referendum: The rundown

While everyone on the national level is concerned about the economy, trade, national security, and rising health care premiums, district 742 will be having a referendum on election night to invest money in renovating Apollo High School and relocating Tech High School.

According to the St. Cloud Times, the referendum failed last year, with most St. Cloud residents voting “no” to new additions because they would result in higher taxes.

If you haven’t heard about the 742 referendum and plan on voting in the next election, here’s what you need to know:

What is the interest in putting money into school district 742?

Those that plan on voting “yes” believe that their children need the best possible education and that part of that learning experience is gained from facilities that enhance teamwork, problem-solving, and critical thinking.

How much will it cost if the referendum gets passed?

According to the district 742 website, there will be two questions asked. The first question regards Tech High School being relocated to South St. Cloud. The original cost in the 2015 referendum was 113.8 million, but the negotiated cost in 2016 will require 104.5 million in tax dollars. The second question, regarding Apollo renovations, would’ve cost $46.5 million initially, but with 2016 cost being $38.75 million in tax dollars. For homes that are worth $150,000, only $155.84 will be taken out per year if both are passed.

Potential setbacks if the referendum is passed?

While it would provide new money to the St. Cloud school district to invest in students, with the relocation of Tech High School, House district 14B candidate Zach Dorholt says that South St. Cloud is far in proximity from neighborhoods that house Tech High School students.

“There is uncertainty as to what will happen to the central neighborhood if Tech moves,” Dorholt said.

This is all of the information the University Chronicle can obtain at the moment. We will keep you updated on the results of the referendum and the impact on the community after Nov. 8.

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