50th Annual Juried Student Art Exhibition

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On April 20th, St. Cloud State University unveiled its 50th Annual Juried Student Art Exhibition in the Kiehl building.  David Flexhaug, chairperson of the gallery ball, stated during an interview that artists travel from the Twin Cities every year to pick the best works of submitted art to display at the exhibit, but do not reveal to anyone but a select few professors who has made it into the showing. The judging is so secretive that participating artists are unable to determine if their art will be showcased at the event until the exhibit doors open. Sophomore artist Samantha Smith, who goes by the artist alias of Masu minion, had stated that she was unsure if any of her pieces had made it into the show, but was rather curious to see her fellow artists’ work.

Samantha explained that the art exhibit is a great way to let people know about your work as well as having art experience that can be put on the resume. With a great chance to put experience on the resume and a large number of pieces being entered, the school is hosting its first ever Salon de Refuse, an event that started in the 1800s allowing artists who normally were excluded from traditional art shows to showcase their work.

The art exhibit’s Salon de Refuse was held at a storefront owned by St. Cloud State University on St. Germain after the conclusion of the Annual Juried Student Exhibition at 6:30 pm and was open to the public.

David Flexhaug stated that there had been so many art submissions that didn’t make it into the Annual Juried Student Exhibit that many of the art pieces won’t be showcased in the manner that many of the artists intended, due to a lack of space available for each art piece and visiting art enthusiasts.

The theme for this year’s art show was, unfortunately, unknown to many of the artists participating in the event. Every year the art exhibit has an art theme which participants are to follow. Looking at the artwork, it was hard to tell what the theme was with a wide variety of art styles and images being represented at the event.

The art exhibit ended on a positive note, with artists and art enthusiasts alike being provided with snacks on the exhibit deck and beautiful art to enjoy. The event ended with art students being awarded scholarships. The scholarships were awarded to talented St. Cloud State University artists who have shown considerable artistic abilities and creativity and plan on continuing their education at St. Cloud State University.