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February 14, 2018

New Snapchat update makes students frustrated

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Only recently did the most popular social media platform among teens, Snapchat, completely change the design of their app. Needless to say, the update has sparked outrage and controversy among its users about how difficult it is to use. For those who are up to date, Snapchat split their app into two sections: one for socializing and the other for media and advertisement purposes. The update is the biggest change to come to the app since 2011, and users are upset, confused, and angry at the sudden modification. Senior Erica Dakahl, a student here at St. Cloud State University, expressed her thoughts on how inconvenient the app is currently, ” I did not like it [the app] mostly because it was confusing for users,” said Dakahl. The marketing major also voices how the company is going against what is normal for most corporations and businesses by making this change. “What…

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