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February 09, 2018

Video game review: Endless Space 2

I play a lot of games, and quite a few of them are very active in game play, but sometimes I just want to play a game where I can chill out and not have to worry about time being a factor. As a result, I find my library to be an amusing dichotomy of two categories, Chill and Thrill. RollerCoaster Tycoon was my go to chill game for 12 years, up to 2015. I loved making wooden roller coasters, but I started to realize how much time I was giving that game. I cut it down almost entirely, but then came the problem of not having a game to replace it for the purposes of relaxing. Thanks to Amplitude Studios, I have my new chill game: Endless Space 2 (ES2). Game: Endless Space 2 (PC) Developer: Amplitude Studios Publisher: SEGA Endless Space 2 is the titular sequel to the…

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St. Cloud White Student Union: Who they are and what they want you to know, Part 1

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A group calling themselves the St. Cloud White Student Union recently posted flyers on campus that had statements on it including, “Whites Unite” and “You will not shame us. You will not silence us. You will not replace us.” After processing the initial introduction of the group to the SCSU campus, we, at the University Chronicle, decided we needed to know more about this group. Namely, who are they, what are they about, and what are their plans. I contacted the group’s Facebook page to speak with a representative of the group. I was told by someone who messaged me back that they, “prefer [that] conversation and questions are directed via social media or email.” I later found out they feared being identified. I left my contact information and within days someone called “Sam,” using a secured Proton Mail email address, contacted me. What followed were surprising revelations that were…

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