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February 01, 2018

SCSU College Republicans build a wall in Atwood, stirring a protest among students

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Dozens of St. Cloud State University students crowded around a brightly lit display case on the second-floor of Atwood, late Wednesday afternoon. To some students, what laid behind the glass was an act of free speech – to others, it was hate speech. The SCSU College Republicans organization had white boxes out on their table at Sidestreet, welcoming their members to draw political expressions on them, stating they would be displayed later on in Atwood. “This is to promote our organization, not the exact opinions of our members,” Vice President, Carson Grand said. “We don’t necessarily agree with all of the opinions.” Many of the boxes show opposition to the LGBTQ community and immigration, including phrases such as “LGBT – Liberty Guns Brews Trump,” “Marriage is between a man and a woman! Support traditional marriage!” and “Legal Immigrants Welcome!” with more than one box including the words, “Trump Train,” and…

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