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Lady Huskies Continue to Dominate the Second Half

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They St. Cloud State Women’s Hockey Team has shown that they are a team to beat since coming into the second half of this season. As they skated into Friday afternoon’s game against Minnesota Duluth, the Huskies have earned three wins, one of them in an exhibition match up, since coming off of the college hockey break.   The Huskies wasted no time in Friday’s first period as Laura Kluge lit the lamp thirty-seven seconds into the game. The Bulldogs wouldn’t respond until there was just under five minutes to go in the second period, as Katerina Mrazova netted one to tie the game a one a piece. Hallie Theodosopolus was the hero of the night for St. Cloud State as she added two goals to her stats sheet in the third period. One was on the power play, and the other was the game winner with less than three minutes…

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Critical Mess: the fall of film critique

It’s hard to be critical about things consistently without getting introspective. In my case, I have to think if some of my opinions on certain subjects are more trivial than necessary. I justify it to myself that while the big problems are more apparent and do result in more apparent damage to a particular piece of media, the small issues are what bring continual unease in the consumption. Like an undetected subtle medical issue, it can’t be readily seen, and the effects can only be assumptions based on experience. I see it as my purpose in reviewing and critiquing anything that I show my hand, explaining my reasons for why these issues are worth mentioning. That is what critique is for. But like anything with value, the more there is of something, the less valuable it becomes. Essentially, I feel certain criticisms have deflated in value due to how often…

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Photo Gallery: Hockey Day Minnesota

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Hockey Day in Minnesota was held January 19 and 20 at Lake George in St. Cloud, Minnesota. Multiple games of hockey were played including local high schools, youth, alumni, SCSU men’s and women’s, and the Minnesota Wild. Families, friends, community members, students, and children attended the two day event. Chelsea BaumanTravel the world is the goal. Take pictures for a living is the job. Film memories and moments that will last a lifetime.

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The Vikings chanting their way to Philly

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It all comes down to this. Case Keenum leads the Minnesota Vikings to the best season the purple and gold have seen since the infamous 1998 season vs Nick Foles and the Philadelphia Eagles. These two teams almost seem to be carbon copies of each other on the surface, yet they might not be as similar as we think. Led by MVP candidate Carson Wentz for most of the season, the Eagles were averaging 31.1 points per game through 13 weeks – since Foles took over for the injured Wentz, the Eagles are averaging just 17 points per game. Looking even closer into it, after the 34 point outburst against a bad Giants team, Foles’ Eagles are scoring just 11.3 points per game. For comparison in games that Keenum has played in for the Vikings, the purple and gold are scoring 22.5 points per game. That’s essentially twice the amount…

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A curse lifted, a fan base relieved: Stefon Diggs’ miracle catch

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Elation. No other word can so aptly describe the feeling from players and fans alike after what they had just witnessed. When all signs pointed to the opposite, the Minnesota Vikings pulled off a miracle. Vikings fans have been constantly reminded of the failures that have haunted the team in the past. Blair Walsh’s playoff miss against the Seahawks in 2015 is a fresh sting, one that created such a ripple in the faith of the Vikings fan base. Losing heartbreaking NFC championship games in 1998, 2000, and 2009 to prevent a trip to the Super Bowl had already shredded the hope of many fans before. And that’s only recently – the Vikings also have four Super Bowl losses in their back pocket. That’s why Sunday’s miraculous moment was so unbelievable – it truly shouldn’t have happened to this franchise. Facing insurmountable odds, Case Keenum and the Vikings offense lined…

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SCSU senior dies at his home in St. Cloud

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St. Cloud State University had an unexpected loss starting off this semester as senior and finance major, Kyle Jon Cashman died at his home in St. Cloud on January 12th. According to the obituary obtained by the Dean of Students, Kyle graduated with honors from Roosevelt High School in Virginia, Minnesota, then studied two years at Hibbing community college before officially becoming a Husky to complete his degree. Kyle loved sports. Those who knew him said he could “swim like a fish.” He played everything from football to hockey, always proud to support his high school team, the Blue Devils. While being athletic was his passion, Kyle also enjoyed going hunting and often found a sense of peace in the woods. He also loved going to his family cabin on Birch Lake. He will be greatly missed by his family and close friends. A memorial service for Kyle will be held…

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Minnesota Vikings: Destiny?

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As many of you know, I am a hardcore Packer-backer and member of the Cheesehead Nation. I wear my Packers uniforms on campus along with my cheesehead. I was devastated by Aaron Rodgers’ injury against the Vikings, but in the Packers-less playoffs, I don’t have a problem rooting for the Vikings. This just means we have a chance to beat the Super Bowl champs twice! I’m writing this article less than an hour after the end of the game and I still cannot believe that Minnesota pulled it off. I am simply in awe. With this victory, the Vikings have become the first ever team to advance past the Divisional Round when the Super Bowl is in their home field. Next week, we go to a Carson Wentz-less Philadelphia Eagles. If you check my season preview at the beginning of the year, I didn’t give Minnesota much of a chance,…

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