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December 09, 2017

Let’s talk politics: students speak out

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With finals week right around the corner, students are stressed. But that’s not what was stressing some students out this week. With political student groups tabling in Atwood, finals were the least of these students’ worries. The Republican Student Organization was especially drawing a crowd and one debate got so out of hand that Public Safety had to be called in. “We had a little incident where our president was surrounded by probably 30 or 40 people and he was pretty much attacked,” member of the Republican Student Organization Carson Grand said. These students appeared calmer as the incident simmered but political dialogue continued throughout the day and the attention the Republican Student Organization was getting didn’t dwindle. Democrats, Republicans and even curious bystanders, gathered to share political opinions and experiences. Despite the obvious differences these students shared, one common theme was evident: talking. Many students spoke of the need…

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