2015 Fantasy Football review

Photo Courtesy of Erik Drost, Flickr
Photo Courtesy of Erik Drost, Flickr

It was another wild and crazy season for everyone who played fantasy football. The season was full of injuries, disappointments and shockers which created a wild roller coaster ride of ups and downs for owners this season. Many people had the great taste of victory by winning their league this year, but others have the bitter taste of defeat and heartbreak.

What we learned from the 2015 fantasy football season is that there is plenty of depth at the quarterback position and the running back position is very scarce. There is a great range at the wide receiver position while the tight end position is all about Rob Gronkowski.

Quarterbacks Position

MVP, Cam Newton (Panthers): The quarterback position this year in fantasy football was deep and saw many nice surprises from players. Cam Newton was the top quarterback for fantasy football. Newton put up huge numbers all season and really dominated his position. He had four games where he scored at least 30 points and had one game where he scored 41 points.

Bust, Andrew Luck (Colts) and Peyton Manning (Broncos): Two very popular names in the NFL that were very quiet on the field this year. Luck was one of the top quarterbacks coming into the season, but with a poor offensive line and an injured plagued season made him a bust in fantasy football this year. Luck was drafted on average in the second round of most fantasy league drafts and finished the season ranked 27th overall in scoring for quarterbacks.

Peyton Manning has been around the NFL for a very long time now and is one of the greatest quarterbacks to ever play the game, but his age caught up to him this season and was a terrible fantasy league play. Manning’s season hit an all-time low when he threw four interceptions against the Chiefs and finished the game with negative seven points. Manning would be benched for the season and would not return to the field until the last week of the season. Manning finished 33 overall in scoring for quarterbacks.

Surprise, Blake Bortles (Jaguars) and Kirk Cousins (Redskins): Bortles entered his second season in the NFL on a team that has struggled to put up points. However, 2015 was different for the Jaguars as Bortles led a strong offensive attack. Bortles finished in the top five for fantasy quarterbacks as he threw for 35 touchdowns. He took advantage of excellent receivers like Allen Robinson. Bortles took a big step forward this year and he hopes to build on it next year and looks for another big season

Kirk Cousins started the season off slow but he finished the last 8 weeks of the season strong. He finished in the top 10 for fantasy football quarterbacks and ended right behind Aaron Rodgers in points scored. Cousins finished with more points scored then Matt Ryan and Ben Roethlisberger. He had seven games where he scored at least 20 points or more and two games with 30 or more points. Cousins really came into his own this season and he hopes to build on it next year.

Running Backs

MVP, Devonta Freeman (Falcons): Freeman blew up the fantasy world when he got his first start in week three and was putting up huge numbers. Freeman was averaging 22.5 points per game before a concussion sidelined him for two games. Even missing those two games Freeman was able to be the top running back in fantasy football, ahead of the likes of Adrian Peterson, Demarco Murray and Eddie Lacey. He showed speed, power and stamina to be a three down back and could be heading to another top-five finish in fantasy football next year.

Bust, Eddie Lacey (Packers): Last year Lacey had a monster year and was poised to have another huge season this year. But instead of building on his career season he went in the other direction. Lacey was non-existent in the high powered offense of the Packers. He finished the season 27th overall for running backs in fantasy football and had only five games where he scored at 10 or more points. Lacey dealt the season with injuries, being overweight and being out played by his back up James Starks. Lacey will have a red flag by his name next year and hopes to find redemption.

Surprise, DeAngelo Williams (Steelers): Williams started the season as the starting running back for the Steelers because Le’Veon Bell was suspended for two games. When Bell came back, Williams was no longer relevant in fantasy football until Bell tore his ACL, in which Williams became the starting back again. A crazy way to the season for Williams, but he took every chance he had and did something with it. He finished the season as the fourth highest scoring running back and showed new life this year after a couple dreadful years in Carolina.

Wide Receivers

MVP, Antonio Brown (Steelers): What can Brown do for you? Well, Brown can be magnificent when he has his starting quarterback playing. When Ben Roethlisberger plays, Brown is on another level and is very hard to stop. However, even though didn’t have Roethlisberger throwing to him for about five games, he still managed to be the top wide receiver in fantasy football. Brown had six games where he scored 20 or more points and one game where he was able to score 30 points. Brown will look to continue his dominance at the wide receiver position next season.

Bust, Dez Bryant (Cowboys): Injuries, injuries and injuries can describe the season Bryant went though this year. While losing his starting quarterback Tony Romo twice in the season, and getting injured twice as well, it was a frustrating year for him, especially with coming off a great season with the Cowboys previously. Bryant finished 74th overall for wide receivers in fantasy football and had three games with at least 10 or more points scored. Bryant hopes to recover from his injuries and bounce back next year with the help of a healthy Mr. Romo.

Surprise, Allen Robinson (Jaguars) and Brandon Marshall (Jets): Robinson had a monster year and showed many people he can be a true number one wide receiver in the NFL. Robinson finished 4th overall for wide receivers in fantasy football and had 12 games where he finished with at least 10 or more points. Robinson faced defenses’ best cornerback but was still able to produce. He hopes to build off his career year next year and continue to grow as a number one threat for the Jaguars.

Brandon Marshall’s season in one word was “redemption”. Marshall found new life with the Jets and led him to a top five finish for wide receivers in fantasy football. Marshall had a very consistent year where he scored at least one touchdown in 12 games and scored at least 10 or more points in 13 games. After coming off a terrible year before with the Bears, Marshall built great chemistry with the Jets’ quarterback. Marshall looked re-energized throughout the season and hopes to have the same success next season.

Tight Ends

MVP, Rob Gronkowski (Patriots): Gronkowski proved that he is the best tight end in Football again this season. He was the top scoring tight and had 10 games where he scored at least 10 or more points, with one game where he scored over 20 points. Gronkowski has size and speed, which makes it very difficult for defenses to conquer him. Gronkowski is on a different level than any other tight end in the NFL and he looks to continue his dominance at the position next year.

Bust, Jimmy Graham (Seahawks): Graham was traded in the offseason from the Saints to the Seahawks. From a very pass happy offense to a running team that didn’t go as planned for Graham. Graham had only three games where he scored at least 10 or more points and he finished 16th overall for the tight end position in fantasy football. An injury did cut Graham’s season short and it was a struggle for him. He looks to recover from his injury and hopes that the Seahawks will be able to utilize him next year, more than they did this season.

Surprise, Gary Barnidge (Browns): Barnidge was the lone bright spot on the Browns’ team this season. Barnidge finished third overall for scoring at the tight end position in fantasy football and had eight games where he scored at least 10 or more points. Barnidge went through three quarterbacks throughout the season but was still able to produce numbers. He also may have had the most memorable catch of the season when he caught the ball between his legs. For next season, Barnidge looks to continue being a threat for the Browns in the passing game.


*All specs are based on standard ESPN scoring 

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