1st Presidential Debate: Performance review

With the first Presidential debate in the books, it’s still difficult to know which candidate will make it to the White House, considering both are widely unpopular by a very large demographic.

Both performances in the debate were deemed by most to be below par, especially Donald Trump.

Trump repeated his same slogans multiple times throughout the 97 minutes they were allowed, denying past claims and scapegoating others for his shortcomings.

Sweeping things under the rug…

While Clinton was the apparent winner, her performance was also quite lackluster. She may have been prepared, but all of her answers seemed very scripted and memorized out of a public policy textbook, which is not the way you want to present yourself for a debate. Had she gone up against someone else aside from Donald Trump, she most likely would have lost.

The debate topics surfaced around the economy and global trade with other countries, American Race Relations and National Security.  Yet it was rather confusing as to what the key topic was throughout because both candidates kept jabbing at one another, consistently trying to switch the topic from subjects they found uncomfortable.

For example:

When Donald Trump brought up Hillary Clinton’s email scandal during the race relations section as a way to avoid questions about what he has said regarding Muslims in the past, saying that we need a “total and complete shutout of Syrian refugees.”

As the topic switched over to national security however, Donald Trump brought up the recent hack of the DNC and their favoritism towards Clinton’s plans of sabotaging Bernie Sanders. Clinton made no comment on that attack — the one thing that Trump could actually sabotage her with.

Let’s break down each section to determine who did best in what.

The Economy: Hillary Clinton… kind of.

When discussing the economy and global trade, Clinton attempted to put on her Bernie Sanders face and repeat his economic plan almost word for word. Tax the top 1 percent to make sure they pay their fair share, provide clean energy for all Americans by putting government funds into wind and solar power and create new, high paying jobs. The one thing that she stuck to from Clinton’s actual original platform was international trade deals with the rest of the world in order to encourage globalization. She also praised her husband for boosting the economy in the 90’s with deals like NAFTA.

Trump repeated over and over again how bad the American economy is and how businesses would lose incentive to grow if they are too heavily regulated. No one could really tell what his argument was because his temperament was very poor – causing him to become angry, making Hillary Clinton look like she actually believed what she was saying.

Race Relations: Neither

Hillary Clinton may have had an upper hand on her economic policy (mostly because it doesn’t require any emotion) her rhetoric regarding the recent shootings in Tulsa and Charlotte resulted in extremely syndicated answers with no actual pathos. While she said that gun violence needs to be reduced by introducing new gun safety regulations and implement training to get rid of implicit bias, her message didn’t quite reach an emotional turning point, just more and more well rehearsed answers.

Trump once again repeated his same stance,except this time he tried to switch the topic (What a shocker). He kept reinforcing that we need law and order. He also mentioned that taking guns away won’t solve any of the problems facing Chicago. With a lack of real answers for any of the issues, he continued to attack Clinton over and over again, resulting in no actual policy plan.

National Security: Hillary Clinton

Yet another topic that Hillary Clinton is well versed on, but as usual, a little bit too well versed. Her answers were endless and often times hard to follow because she was incredibly scripted. She discussed how America should plan against cyber attacks, especially from Russia. Clinton enforced the idea of securing attacks from Russia and North Korea. She also discussed how the U.S. needs to take advantage of its allies in NATO in order to secure the Middle East and parts of Europe that have experienced terror attacks from the Islamic State.

Donald Trump kept insisting that our allies need to pay us more money for protecting them because not enough money has been given to the U.S. and then he complained about the Iran nuclear deal.


I think you can tell by this piece I just want the election to be over – I am sick and tired of all of the pointless back and forth. Personally, I don’t think any of these candidates will get anything done. Trump is a racist demagogue and Clinton is an establishment favorite who will do ANYTHING in order to get people to like her. I don’t even know what to say besides, whoever you decide to vote for, pick the lesser of two evils — whichever candidate that might be for you.


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