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Puerto Rico and poverty: how joining the U.S. could help

A lot of much-needed publicity has come to Puerto Rico following President Trump’s trip there. Needless to say, there was quite a bit of mockery with the President blaming Puerto Rico for “blowing up” the U.S. budget, shooting paper towels to citizens like they were basketballs, and not seeming to believe that water purification tablets actually worked. At the Chronicle, we pride ourselves in going under just the surface layer, and while I am definitely no fan of Trump’s, I’d rather contribute something to a legitimate conversation than repeatedly blast our Orange-In-Chief and be a part of the noise.  You see, Dear Reader, there are differences between U.S. states, Puerto Rico, and U.S. territories. Puerto Rico and the Northern Mariana Islands are commonwealths, but Guam, American Samoa and the U.S. Virgin Islands are territories. These places are indirectly represented by Congress by having a Delegate in the House which may… Keep Reading


Huskies off to a strong start after a disappointing end to last season

After a disappointing end to the 2016-17 season, the Huskies hope to bounce back this year after starting 3-0. St. Cloud State didn’t end last season how they had hoped. With a finishing record of 16-19-1 (10-13-1 NCHC), the Huskies failed to appear in the NCAA tournament. St. Cloud State entered this season ranked No. 9 in the nation, one of four NCHC teams in the top 10 (Denver, Minnesota-Duluth, North Dakota). The Huskies started off the season on a positive note, beating Mankato 4-0 before sweeping Alaska-Fairbanks at home this past weekend. The Huskies also played an exhibition game this fall, beating the University of Regina 8-0 back in September at the Herb Brooks National Hockey Center. St. Cloud State’s team consists of just three seniors this year, with over half the team being underclassmen. Huskies head coach Bob Motzko mentioned how his team is still young, but they… Keep Reading


Good Girls Revolt cannot be Silenced

Here I sit. Hundreds of thoughts running through my head just days after brave women – victims of sexual harassment and abuse from Harvey Weinstein – came forth and stood tall and told the world they have had ENOUGH. As a woman, I have not lived my life without countless times of sexual harassment over the years and I would be surprised if any female in this world did not experience harassment in one form or another during their lives. It is an incredibly heartbreaking reality and I am so proud of all of the women who have come forward, expressing their deep, very dark experiences – including every single woman I have seen on Twitter and Facebook posting two very powerful words. “Me too.” As a journalist, I very lately stumbled across Good Girls Revolt on Amazon this past summer (it premiered in Oct. of 2016). Unsurprisingly, I fell… Keep Reading


Why BoJack Horseman is beyond binge-worthy

BoJack Horseman may be a show about a self-centered, depressed horse, but it is extremely relatable to us all. Let’s get one thing straight; “BoJack Horseman” is a weird show, there, I said it. The Netflix original takes place in Hollywood, or Hollywoo, as it is later referred to in the show. In this world, humans and animals are one and the same, with animals and humans co-existing as equal members of society. That being said, “BoJack Horseman” is still one of the best shows out right now. It’s easy to assume that this is just another adult cartoon, but it’s far from that. “BoJack” is a smart, clever comedy that can get dark at times, bringing attention to a number of struggles faced by BoJack and other characters, struggles we can all relate to in some way. The show puts a spotlight on problems in society, politics and the… Keep Reading


Think before you post: the importance of social media and employment

You know what they say: If you think your mother would be okay seeing it, would you post that picture of you doing a keg-stand outside your fraternity house? If students are only looking for a good time in college that they’re looking to show off, it’s all up to them, but if they’re going to post those pictures of partying online, employers won’t be impressed. SCSU Career Center ‘s Associate Director Andrew Dirlevson and Social Media Coordinator Paisley Reynolds both said whatever students choose to post on Facebook, Twitter and other social media sites, really does matter. They said digital footprints are something people don’t really think about. Even if you delete everything on your account or the account itself, there’s still a presence for everyone to see, and if a hiring manager were to google your name, any embarrassing photos, statuses, and events could still come back to haunt… Keep Reading


Too early Senate picks

I’m sorry, I couldn’t resist. The Alabama Senate Race has gotten me thinking of how the midterms might shape up. It’s essentially a law of American politics that the midterms are a referendum on the President’s job performance. With many scandals and low favorability ratings for both Republicans in Congress and President Trump, some Democrats are talking about their admittedly slim chances to reclaim the House and Senate. This is an article about the seats most in danger this upcoming midterm election.  1: Jeff Flake (R-AZ)  Flake has never been loved by the Republicans in Arizona. He talked tough in 2012 on a tea party-esque platform, but now also published a book attacking President Trump. He did not like the President at all and has been a critic of him. His primary opponent, Dr. Kelli Ward, has been endorsed by President Trump and has led in nearly every poll since… Keep Reading

Lifestyle Columns/Reviews

“The Great Gatsby”: The reality of an illusion

“Gatsby believed in the green light, the orgastic future that year by year recedes before us. It eluded us then, but that’s no matter – tomorrow we will run faster, stretch out our arms farther…and one fine morning – so we beat on, boats against the current, borne back ceaselessly in the past”. Nostalgia has a way of ripping us from the present and throwing us down a rabbit hole of memories – things both loved and lost. In The Great Gatsby, we see Jay Gatsby lost in the comforting hushes of the past as he chases his lost love. This fixation on the past that he harvests teaches us a lot about how we survive in the present. Scott Fitzgerald’s novel casts a harsh light on jealousy and passion while building a love story on the foundations of desperation. Although in the age of Daisy and Gatsby’s love affair… Keep Reading

Events/Lifestyle/Performing Arts

Aladdin: amazing, astounding, astonishing

I sat in my seat at the Orpheum Theater in Minneapolis, mouth agape and eyes sparkling, as the actors and actresses for Aladdin took the stage. Four years ago I sat in the same theater and utterly melted under the sounds and sights of Beauty and the Beast, the best show I’d had ever seen. I never thought I’d like another show more, but Aladdin gave that show a run for its money. I usually know exactly what to say and how to say it, but this show left me completely speechless. From the beautifully built set, to the sparkling costumes, to some of the longest and most flawless musical numbers I have ever seen, I walked out of this show with very few negative criticisms. I could babble on and on about how the costumes absolutely glowed under the bright lights, or how realistic it looked when Jasmine and… Keep Reading

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Trouble among Garvey Commons: SCSU students are not thrilled

Food, health, and wellness are all things that are required for a college student to have a successful year at school. The way St. Cloud State University tries to help out is by providing the students with meals on campus, made and produced by a company called, Chartwells. Although, it seems those who have bought a meal plan and eat at Garvey Commons are unsatisfied with what they paid for. With money being so tight for most college students, it can be frustrating when they feel it’s been put to waste. Especially on something like basic meals and for a hefty cost. There’s also an expectation that is held for food services on campus, ensuring that students are getting their money’s worth. However, a lot of students say Chartwells is not meeting there standards. The University Chronicle took a survey of approximately 125 students in order to gain feedback about… Keep Reading

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