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Midterm Elections: States edition

I have spent a lot of time discussing the midterms at the Federal level, but we need to take a moment for the States and local government. The vast majority of governing is actually done in our backyard, not in D.C. Sure, they may be able to provide for national defense and conduct diplomacy, but if you want to clean up St. Cloud, go to City Hall. Want more funding for the arts in your school district? Go to a school board meeting. The importance of states is underappreciated. They massively affect the quality of education, various taxes, and redrawing of districts every ten years based on the census. Our census year is 2020 and those state and congressional lines will be redrawn by 2022. While Democrats have been excited about the President’s job approval rating sinking faster than the Titanic and the Congressional Generic Ballot being significantly in their… Keep Reading


Faculty member accosts student journalist

A UTVS reporter was accosted by a faculty member for recording a conversation during a gathering of students in Atwood this past month. Students, upset over a display put up by the St. Cloud State University’s (SCSU) College Republicans gathered in front of the display case while members of the SCSU College Republicans defended the display. While students were discussing this issue, Professor Tracy Ore, who teaches Sociology at SCSU, confronted UTVS News Director and University Chronicle Managing Editor, Kyle Fahrmann, who was acting as a UTVS cameraman, about recording during the ordeal and demanded he not only stop recording but also delete any footage he had taken. Fahrmann said he saw Ore “lecturing” a student and that he wanted to get an “action shot” of the conversation. Fahrmann said Ore appeared to be talking to the student sternly “borderline yelling, you could clearly tell she was very upset.” The… Keep Reading


Does Trump understand Treason?

Two weeks ago, President Donald Trump said Democrats were traitors for not standing and applauding him during the State of the Union address at a campaign-style rally in Ohio. This week, he has targeted the FBI (again) and declared that Special Counsel Mueller’s indictments of 13 Russians and one American vindicated him from any sort of collusion. This is yet another norm the President has broken, twisted, and destroyed. I am stunned, even with everything going on during Trump’s presidency, that such a thing is even conscionable. I think it’s no secret that I’m a liberal Democrat, and I would never say the Republican Party itself is treasonous. I say they don’t understand the plight of the average American. I say that (at least today) they fail to understand the good that government can do. I say their policies and line of thinking are outside of the mainstream. But never… Keep Reading


Local Catholic Priest’s Arrest Shocks SCSU Students

Ash Wednesday marked the first day of Lent, a six-week long repentance leading up to Easter. A day of great importance to Christians everywhere was overshadowed in the St. Cloud Catholic community when a local priest wound up behind bars. 51-year-old Anthony Oelrich was arrested on February 13 on pending charges of 3rd-degree criminal sexual conduct, according to the St. Cloud Police department. The charges stem from a sexual relationship with an adult female spanning from 2013 to 2014 while Oelrich was offering the victim spiritual advice. The State of Minnesota bans clergy members from being in any sexual relationships in this type of situation. “He was always a good person around me,” said Bryant Bohlig, a Peer Minister at the Christ Church Newman Center. “We just don’t know what goes on behind closed doors.” Bohlig, who is also a student at SCSU, worked closely with Oelrich for the last… Keep Reading


Heaven is filled with too many new angels

Yet another senseless mass murder occurred on Wednesday. 17 students and teachers were cut down and an additional 14 sustained injuries in Parkland, Florida, where a former student pulled a fire alarm and proceeded to shoot through the crowd. He was taken alive by police and awaits trial. The custom is to wait 24 hours before discussing guns, gun control, or regulatory methods to give those affected by a senseless tragedy time to grieve before a national discussion occurs. It’s good to know that the victims, their friends, and their families are in our nation’s leaders’ thoughts and prayers. It’s good that we console them to the best of our abilities. But we have forgotten to act. Albert Einstein said the definition of insanity is to do something exactly the same over and over again but expect different results. That’s our relationship with guns: we continue to say “Never Again”… Keep Reading

The Bad Movie Stack: Bug Buster

Are you tired of monster movies where everyone acts mildly sane? I doubt you would be, not many of them exist; nor is Bug Buster one of them. The characters of most monster movies would be prime candidates for a Darwin Award, if they covered fiction. It’s a real problem in horror, even modern horror, where the overall enjoyment of the film sees a major negative detour once characters start acting like idiots. Would you open a door that had a bloodcurdling scream come from behind it? Of course, if that’s your cup of tea, all the power to you; but I have a hard time retaining the feeling that it’s supposed to be a horror experience. Bug Buster, also known as “Some Things Never Die”, is enjoyable because it doesn’t have the luxury of being a serious horror movie. I’m still unsure if it is intentional or not however.… Keep Reading


Texting 911 provides alternate contact options

It’s standard procedure if there’s an emergency, dial 911. However, dispatcher centers across the country and even in Stearns County realize a phone call isn’t always appropriate for every situation. “Call if you can,” said Michele Burke, a Dispatch Supervisor for the Stearns County 911 center. “Text if you can’t.” The texting option for 911 calls is a new way to contact authorities when in need, Burke said it’s beneficial for the hard-of-hearing, those with speech impediments or individuals who are in a dangerous situation. “If you were in the car and a drunk driver was driving and you wanted to report it, but you can’t make a voice call things like that. So we would encourage people to call, but in those situations, texting is the best option,” she said. “If you’re also a witness to domestic assault and it would be dangerous for you to call because you’re… Keep Reading

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New Snapchat update makes students frustrated

Only recently did the most popular social media platform among teens, Snapchat, completely change the design of their app. Needless to say, the update has sparked outrage and controversy among its users about how difficult it is to use. For those who are up to date, Snapchat split their app into two sections: one for socializing and the other for media and advertisement purposes. The update is the biggest change to come to the app since 2011, and users are upset, confused, and angry at the sudden modification. Senior Erica Dakahl, a student here at St. Cloud State University, expressed her thoughts on how inconvenient the app is currently, ” I did not like it [the app] mostly because it was confusing for users,” said Dakahl. The marketing major also voices how the company is going against what is normal for most corporations and businesses by making this change. “What… Keep Reading


“Maze Runner: The Death Cure,” an explosive and flashy finale

The penultimate installment to Wes Ball’s teenage dystopian franchise, Maze Runner: The Death Cure, hit theaters late last week. Returning from serious injuries sustained on-set, Dylan O’Brien along with Ki Hong-Li and Thomas Brody-Sangster give their all in their last performances as main characters Thomas, Minho, and Newt, respectively. Picking up almost immediately after the events of “The Scorch Trials,” Thomas (O’Brien) and Newt (Sangster) stage a flash train heist rescue, not unlike those you’d see in an old western film, only this time they’re rescuing their friend Minho. Having been captured by the sinister WIKD organization during the ending of the previous film, their rescue is in vain when they pick up the wrong train car and Minho is transported back to WIKD headquarters. Regrouping with the “Right Arm” resistance group who is planning on sailing a ship to a deserted island offshore, they hatch a new grand plan to… Keep Reading

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